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Partners in Peril was the seventh episode of The Adventures of Batman that first aired in 1968. Like many of the other Filmation animated shows, these 12-minute adventures were often re-edited with other DC superhero adventures such as Superman. The so-called greatest detective wasn't ever part of the Superman & Aquaman Hour of Adventure though.

Batman and Robin are being honoured with a couple of statues at Gotham Square, but The Penguin soon drops in with a shower of exploding umbrellas. His goal: to steal those statues. His reason: who knows.

But that's not how the beginning plays out on the CD-ROM. Here the opening is from a later episode called The Crime Computer where the motivations are a lot easier to understand: money. The penguin plans to rob the high-tech bank vault.

We then hastily cut back to the original story as the daring duo give chase with the Penguin suddenly piloting one of his umbrella-copters. But the Joker has a much better flying vehicle and he uses this to aid his villainous pal and escape. Back at his hideout at a deserted carnival, the Joker has come up with a plan, and he wants the Penguin and the Riddler to be in on it. The treacherous trio team up to steal some unspecified stuff and cause a lot of unwarranted carnage. The first villain up to bat is the Riddler...

What is the Riddler doing at a storage vault? Does the Joker have a motive for teaming up? Will the Penguin ever light the cigarette he always has in his mouth? Why is Catwoman even in this tale?

Only one of these questions are answered over the course of the episode, and - spoiler alert - Penguin doesn't take a single puff. I understand the choice to adapt this episode as it is filled with a lot of iconic characters, more than any other in the series. Not only do four of the best villains have a role, but Batgirl makes an appearance too. It's an incredibly jam-packed twelve minutes but that leaves very little time to build a cohesive story, but I guess kids of the 60s just wanted to see fight scenes and bad puns over anything else.

What Partners in Peril teaches us about the Bat-verse:
  • The Riddlers riddles are stupidly easy...
  • ... yet they stump Batman and Robin for quite some time
  • Batgirl, on the other hand, needs the assistance of a library full of books to solve it
  • Batgirl is nothing more than an hindrance being the reason for Joker's escape at one point
  • The Bat-signal will still work on a cloudless sky
  • The best way through a maze is by brute force

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To download the game, follow the link below. This custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses DOSBox running Microsoft Windows 3.1 to get the game working on modern systems. Tested on Windows 10.

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