It can be quite confusing to navigate the dark corridors of the Collection Chamber. The cobwebs are so dense that a helping hand may be needed to brush away the more tricky parts. Here is that hand, and the help too.

   What are your PC specs?
   How do I download from
   Help! My game's not saving!
   What are the keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys for the varying programs you use?
   I have issues with Game X using DOSBox. Can you help me?
   But what about Windows 3.1 games?
   How about Windows '95 games using DOSBox Daum?
   But this Windows '95 / Windows '98 game uses PCEm...
   What if it uses DxWind? Is there anything I should know?
   This game is a multi-disk game. How do I change the CDs?
   Game X isn't installing! Please help!
   Game X runs natively on modern Windows but it's still not working.
   I get an antivirus alert from some of your games!
   Can you release this and that game from the Chamber?
   What games won't you free from the Chamber?
   Will you review any more movies?
   My question is not answered here. Contact me.

Common Questions:

What are your PC Specs?

I play and test all games on my own setup, so performance may vary depending on your own computer's specs, especially when emulating the more demanding games. I only test the games featured on the site on my setup (I am one man, not a corporation with a multi-rig testing team), so can only go by what works for me. If you run into a problem I cannot replicate, I will be limited in how I can help.
  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor:  Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz  4.00 GHz
  • Installed Memory (RAM):  16.0 GB 
  • System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
  • Mouse: Logitech MX Master with Darkfield Laser tracking

How do I download from

You may be seeing more and more games heading over to Once I've filled up my current 4Shared account, all future uploads will be going here. It's a lot easier to understand than 4Shared but it's not without its quirks.

To download the game, click on each file in the list (1). Alternatively, you can download them all in a single zip file by clicking Download as Zip (2). Be aware that this option will time out for free users if the game is particularly large.

Rather than download through a download manager (external or otherwise), it will download within the browser itself. You can see your list of downloads by clicking on the bottom left icon (4). To return to the list of files, click on the top left icon (3). Do not close the browser or the tab the page is on as it will cancel the download.

Because of the nature of Mega, older browsers are not supported. Firefox, Chrome and Opera have the most support. You may also need to delete your cookies and cache files if the page isn't working as expected.

For more, check out the Mega FAQ

Help! My game's not saving!

There could be a couple of reasons reason for this and one of them is most likely my fault. The most common one is that you don't have the admin privileges to write or overwrite the save file within Program Files (the default folder for most of my early installers). The fix: run the game as admin or install outside of Program Files. All new installers will now use "C:\Games\Collection Chamber" as the default.

The other possibility is that the installer didn't create the empty save folder causing confusion withing the game itself. The programs I use to create installers don't recognise empty folders, so the SAVEGAME folder isn't created (and I often forget that this is the case). This mainly affects titles using SCUMMVM, DOS, Windows 3.1 and native Windows games (including DxWnd & dgVoodoo).

To fix it, simply create a new folder in the install directory called one of the following. One of them should work.
  • SAVE
Other possible locations are "(INSTALL DIR)\HDD" or "(INSTALL DIR)\DXWND\(GAME CODE)" though most using the latter are newer and are most likely already working correctly. Over time, I will be fixing those known to me but until then, here's the solution.

What are the keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys for the varying programs you use?

Here are some useful hotkeys when using playing PC games using various programs. Emulated console or micro-computer games have their shortcuts detailed in their respective menus. Visit each program's homepage for more detailed information.

  • Alt-Enter - Toggle fullscreen
  • Alt-Pause - Pause emulation
  • Ctrl-F1 - Keymapper. Use this if you want to rebind keys
  • Ctrl-F5 - Saves screenshot in the 'capture' folder
  • Ctrl-Alt-F5 - Start/stop recording video in .avi format. Saves in the 'capture' folder
  • Ctrl-F6 - Start/stop recording sound in wave format. Saves in the 'capture' folder
  • Ctrl-F7/Ctrl-F8 - Decrease/increase frameskip
  • Ctrl-F9 - Kill (close) DOSBox (beware when using on Windows '95 games using DAUM)
  • Ctrl-F10 - Capture/release mouse. Useful if you are playing in a window
  • Ctrl-F11/Ctrl-F12 - Decrease/increase DOSBox cycles. Slows down or speeds up the emulation respectively. Useful if your game is running too fast or too slow.
  • Alt-F12 - Turbo
  • Ctrl-Alt-PgDown - Toggle fullscreen
  • Crt-Alt-PgUp - Saves screenshot in the 'screenshots' folder
  • All other options are found in the menu bar when in windowed mode
  • Depending on the game, the hotkeys may have been remapped. See the custom menu for more information about the more widely used/altered ones.
  • F1 - Toggle Retroarch menu 
  • F - Toggle fullscreen
  • F2/F4 - Save/load state
  • F6/F7 - Decrease/increase current state slot
  • F8 - Saves screenshot in 'screenshots' folder
  • F9 - Toggle mute
  • F11 - Grab mouse (useful when playing in windowed mode)
  • F12 - On-screen keyboard
  • -/+ - Volume control
  • Space - Turbo mode (toggle)
  • L - Turbo mode (hold)
  • E - Slow motion
  • O - Record movie (as a set of inputs rather than a video file)
  • R - Rewind
  • P - Pause
  • H - Reset
  • M/N - Next/previous shader (if available)
  • ESC - Close Retroarch
  • F12 - Toggle FS-UAE menu
  • F12-Q - Quit FS-UAE
  • F12-F - Toggle fullscreen
  • F12-G - Capture mouse (useful when playing in windowed mode)
  • F12-Z or F11 - Cycle zoom modes
  • F12-B - Toggle border display
  • F12-S or PrintScreen - Saves screenshot to desktop
  • F12-R - Soft reset
  • F12-T - Hard reset
  • F12-A - Freeze button for use with Action Replay
  • F12-D - Debugger
  • F12-M - Mute
  • F12-W - Toggle Warp mode (don't use on some games when the game is initially loading)
  • F12-< / F12-> - Volume control
  • F12-P or Pause/Break - Pause emulation
  • Depending on the game, the hotkeys may have been remapped. See the custom menu for more information about the more widely used/altered ones.
  • F1 - Save state
  • F2 / Shift-F2 - Increase / decrease save state slot
  • F3 - Load state
  • F4 - Toggles frame limiter mode
  • Shift-F4 - Toggles frame skipping mode
  • F5 - Cycles plugins
  • F6 - Cycles through aspect ratio (stretch, 4:3 fullscreen & 16:9 widescreen)
  • F8 - Saves screenshot in 'snaps' folder
  • F9 - Toggles hardware/software renderer
  • F10 - Toggles logging
  • F12 - Stars/stops video capture
  • TAB - Toggles turbo mode
  • Shift-TAB - Toggles slow-motion mode
  • Alt-Enter - Toggle fullscreen
  • ESC - Pauses emulation
  • Ctrl-numpad+ / Ctrl-numpad- - Zoom in / out
  • Ctrl-numpad* - Resets zoom

I have issues with Game X using DOSBox. Can you help me?

I can try! Most of the games here do use DOSBox to get them working on modern installers. I've set each game up to what works on my machine, but the settings may not be the best for all users. Here are some options that could help.

  •  If you're stumped on how to change CDs for multi-disc games, press Ctrl-F4 to cycle through them when the game prompts you to do so.
  • Play around with the dosbox.conf file located in the install directory. Open it with notepad to see all of the options. Be aware that some installers (mainly compilations) may have renamed the configuration file to something else.
  • Change the cycles. If your game is running too fast or slow, play around with the cycles option in the dosbox.conf. Search for "cycles=" in the file and change the number to around 100000 to start with. Go up or down by 10000 to tweak it to your liking.
  • Change the output. Again from the .conf file, search for "output=". Change it to either overlay, ddraw, direct3d or opengl to see if any of them gives you better results.
  • If you find the resolution to be a bit zoomed in or just off, change the "fullresolution=" to desktop or original.
  • Games should be in their original fullscreen aspect ratio, but if you'd prefer a stretched widescreen image, change the "fullresolution=" to original and "aspect=" to false.
  • If you find the image is zoomed in when in fullscreen, this is due to your systems' DPI settings. Right-click on Run.exe (or the equivalent) and go to the Compatibility tab.  Select 'Change high DPI settings' and tick the boxes for 'Program DPI' and 'High DPI scaling override'.
  • Back up the .conf file before making any changes (just in case)

But what about Windows 3.1 games?

DOSBox also emulates Windows 3.1 rather well. It's by no means perfect and needs a decent machine to run smoothly, but there are a few options if you're having trouble.

  • The dosbox.conf file can be used in the same way as above, although I doubt cycles will make any difference. Some of you may find output=ddraw better than output=overlay. 
  • Try installing as administrator and to a folder outside of Program Files. Because these games contain an entire operating system, some emulated operating files may conflict with your computer's admin status. If you find the saves aren't writing, this could be the reason.
  • Try running the game as administrator. This is especially useful if you've installed to the default folder in Program Files. Because an entire operating system is installed with the game, the current operating system may block needed functions in the emulated one. If you're getting the 'unable to copy driver' error, this is the reason.
  • Failing that, try running the game from the emulated Windows 3.1 desktop. Open dosbox.conf and scroll to the very end of the file. Put a hashtag (#) before the last two lines (eg "#win c:\runexit..." and "#exit#). Run the game normally, then type 'win' to get to the Windows 3.1 desktop.
  • If you find the image is zoomed in when in fullscreen, this is due to your systems' DPI settings. Right-click on Run.exe (or the equivalent) and go to the Compatibility tab.  Select 'Change high DPI settings' and tick the boxes for 'Program DPI' and 'High DPI scaling override'.
  • Back up the .conf file before making any changes (just in case)

How about Windows '95 games using DOSBox Daum?

While DOSBox cannot emulate Windows '95, a modified version of it called DOSBox Daum can. It is still very buggy, but many games do work quite nicely, especially in the adventure game genre. You'll need a beast of a machine to run games smoothly though. The suggestions for regular DOS or Windows 3.1 games mentioned above will not work here, but there are still a few things you can try.

  • Changing the output in the dosbox.conf could help, though only a few of the options will work. Use ddraw, direct3d, opengl, openglnb or openglhq. Not all will work for everyone but in my experience ddraw or direct3d offers the most stable performance.
  • Try installing the game as administrator and somewhere other than Program Files.
  • The game will start in windowed mode. This is because starting in fullscreen causes some issues. To go fullscreen, press Alt+Enter only when the Windows '95 splash screen appears.
  • If your image is cut off when in fullscreen, open dosbox.conf and change fullresolution to original.
  • Only exit DOSBox Daum by shutting down the emulated Windows '95. You may get away with an emulated hard drive check when you next run the game but there's no guarantee.
  • Twice a year, a daylight savings reminder will pop up. Just like most things in life, accept it and everything will be fine. 
  • I did notice when I bought a cheap mouse that the cursor can stutter in some Windows '95 games. Since upgrading again to the Logitech MX Master, this issue disappeared.
  • If you find the image is zoomed in when in fullscreen, this is due to your systems' DPI settings. Right-click on Run.exe (or the equivalent) and go to the Compatibility tab.  Select 'Change high DPI settings' and tick the boxes for 'Program DPI' and 'High DPI scaling override'.
  • Back up the .conf file before making any changes (just in case)

But this Windows '95 / Windows '98 game uses PCEm...

I've been using PCEm for the newer Windows '95 installers. It has a greater compatibility than DOSBox Daum, though it doesn't have as many features. It will also require a beefier machine for smooth emulation. A few games will use an emulated version of Windows '98 and I suspect the requirements are even higher. Here are a few points of note...

  • Ctrl-Alt-PgDown toggles fullscreen.
  • Ctrl-Alt-PgUp takes a screenshot. If you are in fullscreen mode, it will capture the entire screen while in windowed mode it will capture the contents of the window only.
  • If you find the sound stutters, this is because your PC isn't fast enough. Exit fullscreen and the menu bar will display the % speed. Under Sound, set Buffer Length to 50ms, then under Misc select Machine then Configure Machine and set CPU as a 'Pentium 90' from the dropdown menu. Note: this may not work for games that require higher than a Pentium 90.
  • Another possible solution is to install this fix (download here). It replaces OpanAL32.dll with a newer version. I saw no difference in gameplay due to my PC's specs being pretty decent but those with lower-end PCs may see an improvement.
  • Turning off Vsync from the Video drop-down in the menu bar (exit fullscreen to view it) may also help with speed, though you may get varying degrees of screen tearing as a result.
  • The PCEm developers suggest a 3GHz CPU to emulate a Pentium 166 Windows 95 environment and I would suggest more for a P200 all the way up to MMX P300. These are for the more graphically intense games so the above may not work on lower-end machines.
  • Update PCEm to a newer version (if available).  Everything can be overwritten, but back up the .cfg file just in case (see below). Changing the Buffer Length and Processor the two biggest components that will help with speed.
  • Back up the .cfg file in the 'configs' folder before making any changes (just in case)

What if it uses DxWind? Is there anything I should know?

DxWind is not an emulator per se but uses wraparounds and hooks to get around any incompatibilities with modern systems. It was originally designed to run games in a window even if the original program doesn't allow for it but it grew to include a variety of other very useful features. With this in mind, I'm not entirely confident each user will get the same result and therefore I've included some ChamberNotes with each release detailing the options I've used, any problems I encountered (if any) and how I fixed them. With this info, I hope users can pinpoint any errors and play with the settings themselves. I can only test the game on my rig, so will be limited in my ability to help if you run into a problem I cannot replicate.
  • If you find you cannot control the game, you might need to select the game window. Either click on the window from the desktop or Alt-TAB into it. If you're finding video or image captures are coming out blank, this is the same cause and solution.
  • Try running as admin or install outside of Program Files before changing the DxWnd settings. It could be as simple as that.
  • Never apply compatibility settings to DxWnd.exe, the original game .exe / shortcut or Run.bat in the DxWnd folder. This will conflict with DxWnd and may crash the game.
  • To access the advanced options detailed in the games' Chamber Notes, run dxwind.exe and right-click on the game icon. Select 'Modify' to modify any settings.
  • You can test any modifications without saving them by click 'Try' in the Modify menu. If it hangs or crashes, click 'Kill' to end it.
  • To finalise settings, right-click the game icon in DxWnd and select 'eXport'. Overwrite the .dxw file so that the shortcuts that link to it will make use of the changes.
  • Back up 'dxwind.ini' and the .dxw file before making any changes (just in case)

This game is a multi-disk game. How do I change the CDs?

Only large Multi-CD games using DOSBox will perhaps ask to change disks. Press Ctrl+F4 to cycle through them. Disc changes in Windows '95 games are eliminated, automatic or you just need to click 'OK' when the message pops up.

For disc-based emulated console games (eg PlayStation or Amiga), details on how to swap discs are included in the game's custom menu.

Game X isn't installing! Please help!

There are a few reasons why any given game installer isn't working. Here are the most common.
  • Make sure you download all of the files listed and have them all in the same folder before running the .exe file. If not, the install program I use will say they can't find a file or thinks it is corrupt.
  • Larger games may appear to hang when unpacking larger files such as ISOs. Be patient and the game will install.
  • Your install may fail if you are not running as admin and are using the default Program Files install folder. Change the destination folder (eg. C:\Games), accept all admin privileges and continue.
  • Your download didn't complete or download properly and the download may have timed out. This is less common when downloading from MEGA, but redownloading the file may help nevertheless.
  • I ballsed up my installer. I test each installer before I upload but I'm not immune to mistakes. Comment on the game's review page and if the issue lies with me I'll fix it asap.

Game X runs natively on modern Windows but it's still not working.

This is where my knowledge is rather limited. These games will often use a crack from a third party to get them working on Windows 7 (or Windows 10 for the more recent games - I bypassed 8 but I assume what works on 10 will do on 8). Some of them have stopped working (or working as well) since upgrading to Windows 10. I've not been able to get games like The Devil Inside or Silent Hill Arcade to run on Windows 10 but they were perfectly fine on Windows 7. Others like Blade Runner or Hexplore seem to be perfectly fine, though you may want to play with the compatibility settings.

I have recently been updating many of these games to use DxWnd and/or dgVoodoo. This helps with compatibility on a number of native Windows games. Read that section of the FAQ for more info.

I get an antivirus alert from some of your games!

It is relatively common for antivirus programs to come back with false positives. Some programs look for whether a program is from a registered company and anything else is deemed 'unsafe'.

Here's a little info about that phenomenon

I assure you, my computer is clean and every file is created in pretty much the same way so it's random what gets flagged up. If you're unsure, I understand if you don't want to risk using it.

Can you release this and that game from the Chamber?

Possibly. I've recently stopped replying to most request comments due to the large number of them, but keep requesting them anyway (there's only so many ways to say 'maybe'). I do read them and keep a log, whether or not you get a reply.

I can't guarantee I'll do any work on any of them though, let alone spend the time to get it working though. If I find the game interesting enough I'll likely give it a go at some point but can give no timeframe. Basically, no guarantees but keep 'em coming anyway!

For a full list of what's already been requested, check out the following link...

What games won't you free from the Chamber?

My focus is mostly for games that have been out of print for at least 10 years (with very few exceptions) and no longer sold new or digitally as well as fan-made freeware titles (active freeware projects will link to their site). I mostly focus on games from the 90s as that was the golden era of gaming for me.

The copyright holders seem to not care enough about their back catalogue to release them on Steam, GOG or to update them for the current consoles. Basically, any game classed as "abandonware" or "freeware" will be considered.

If a game I host is sold (or the copyright holder requests it), I will remove the download and link to the store page instead. If you are the copyright holder, you can contact me at

Will you review any more movies?

Maybe. I started this site to be about the hidden gems of everything I love which includes movies, TV shows and geek culture in general. As time went on, I got a better response from my game reviews and their uploads. I also enjoy writing about them more as they have nothing to do with my professional life. I wouldn't rule it out if something interesting comes along but at the moment it's restricted to the year-end Top 10 retrospectives.

My question is not answered here.

Ask and I shall respond :)

You can email me at

There are a lot of comments on this page! As such, I'll be periodically be deleting them. You can find an archive of those now gone in the link below.


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