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The comments section of the FAQ is getting rather large and unwieldy. For a better viewing experience, I'll periodically archive older comments on this page. All comments are recorded as they were, spelling errors and all.

If you are the author of any of these comments and want them to be removed or made anonymous, email me at the following address.


  1. Have you ever played around with PCem?
    Set up as a mid-90's PC it runs Windows 95b well. It's a neat, portable program. I've used it to play Obsidian (1996).
    1. I've not heard of that! Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it. I've played Obsidian (great game!) on DOSBox emulating Win98 but the disk change is a bit annoying. Time's tight at the moment but I'm sure I'll play around with it soon.

    2. PC Emu doesn't have the files needed to work and just crashes out
    3. PCEmu is still very new to me, but I do test games on a second system when I first use a new program. What error messages are you getting and in which game? Did it install correctly? Have you tried running pcem.exe and running it from the GUI?

  2. Might I make a suggestion for a game that I feel really needs an installer to work properly on Windows 10...Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza! I can never seem to get it working right even with the patch and maybe you could fix it (a copy can be found on isozone)
    1. I've not played that on the PC. I think it's the same as the Die Hard game that came on the GameCube - I'll investigate when I have the time. It's an early 2000s game which is hit & miss. All of the Die Hard games were surprisingly decent for a licensed title so I'll see what I can do.
    2. Actually it's a totally different game. You're thinking of Vendetta. Her's an example of the game reviewed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZZrgKoQII4
  3. Could you reupload games if the files are down for some reason? Because one of your older uploads, Ghost in the Shell I believe, has some installer files missing in the linked 4shared directory. Thank you.
    1. Hello John. Sorry for the late reply. I will upload when I'm aware if any files are missing. It's very hard to keep track of all of the games. Ghost in the Shell appears to be missing the second file. I'll re-up ASAP.
  4. your copy of devil inside asks for a disk, mounting a bin to a virtual drive doesnt work, and the nocd cracks are all too obsolete for my pc, anything i can do to fix this?
    1. Hello, This is an error I couldn't fix when I switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The crack I used was third-party and there doesn't seem to be anything more rcent. Sorry I can't be of more help. You might find it's OK if you install and play it directly from the original or mounted CD, though It's not something I've tried.
  5. Any chance you could upload the Tarzan activity center at some point?
    1. Most likely I will :) I've not attempted many of the newer ones though.
  6. Hey here's a suggestion...could you do one of Mafia I? I'd LOVE to play that game but obviously it's not availible anywhere
    1. I'm actually surprised about that it's not sold anymore. I'll add it to the request list but I suspect the developers with re-release it again at some point.
    2. Maybe Maybe not, if they hadn't with Mafia III being out I don't know what'll get them to do it
    3. Another suggestion, Wolfenstein 2009. I'm sure it's clear that Zenimax is never going to re-release this game for whatever reason.
    4. It's a good game, but I keep my focus on games older that 10 years, mostly from the 80s and 90s from when I was a kid. It has to be a rare gem of a game to me to be interested in posting anything newer. Thet're also more of a pain in the ass to get working.
    5. Ah you want a challenge to be part of it huh?
    6. Not entirely. I want games that have long since been unplayable to be playable again. Also, I don't want to step on the toes of the developers and rights holders. Mafia and Wolfenstein are still relevant franchises that I suspect Zenimax will re-release their older installments at some point.
  7. Is there a possibility of getting other FMV pc games like 'Blown Away' (1994/1995) and the 'Eraser - Turnabout' (1997)? Thanks.
    1. There is a possibility. Don't know when I'll get to then though. I've added them to my request list.
  8. There's another Disney Interactive CD game called 'Hades Challenge' from 1998 which would be a great addition to your list. Hope you'll be able to assist with this request. Thanks!
    1. I think you might be pleasantly surprised by my next post ;)
    2. Awesome! Thanks :)
  9. If you can get your hands on it/figure out how to upload it, it would make my life if you could try uploading 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue for the PC! I have a lot of trouble understanding how to install other emulators and which one to choose. I'm also finding that finding a safe copy of the PC version is hard. If you can't find one, another version would be fine, I'm just not sure if there were console differences. I misplaced my disc and am super bummed about it. :( Thank you so much if you ever attempt it!
    1. I'll probably try it at some point down the line, even if it's just the emulated PSX version.
  10. First off, these are amazing. So grateful for all of this. (It makes working with DOS Box so much easier too)
    Is there any way you could get the ClueFinders and Zoombinis games here?
    I babysit and my client's daughter loved the Disney Animated Storybook games like I thought she would. ^^
    1. Hello. I get asked for Zoombinis a lot, but there's a remake of sorts on Steam. I won't put a game up if the developers ae still supporting it.

      Not heard of ClueFinders though, so I've added it to my request list.
    2. The remake doesn' have the old graohics though and no BroderBund logo. :(
    3. I have heard the remake is pretty bad, but I don't want to tread on the toes on those companies who still sell their games. No matter how badly they do it.
  11. I just stumbled across The Collection Chamber -- what a gold mine! I was thrilled to find Planet's Edge, one of my all-time favorites, in addition to a plethora of other great titles -- some of which I had completely forgotten about.
    Is there any chance you could do Cryo Interactive's Dune? I have both the floppy and the CDROM versions but can't get either one to work properly in WIN 7 -- grrr.
    In any event, voluminous thank-yous for all you have done here!
    1. I do have the complete big box copy of Dune and got it working. I do intend to add it to the site at some point. I've added it to the list.
    2. Outstanding! I'll be on the lookout for it. Thanks again.
  12. Hi, another great addition to your list (if you're not already working on it) would be the 1996 semi-FMV game 'RIPPER'. My old CD-ROM had an error and I could never finish the game properly. Do try to see if its a possibility. Thanks!
    1. It's certainly on the to-do list, though I've not got round to playing it yet.
  13. Heh it's kinda funny how a number of the stuff you've posted here are now appearing on GOG. Games like Heart of China, Rise of the Dragon (dos version), and...huh...could have sworn there was at least one more. Well still just thought I'd let you know that
    1. Yeah, there's about 5 in total. I saw these two coming - Willy Beamish was already on there and HOC and ROTD are from the same company. An unofficial trilogy some say. Overall it's a good thing, but I still think ROTD on SEGA CD deserves more love.
    2. So I take it if you're to remove them you'll keep the ROTD Sega CD version up at least?
  14. hi, this is a great site!! i think there was an error with my previous post, i hope i'm not double posting.
    have you considered adding the animated storybook "Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too"? i can't find it new, and what you suggested the Disney Duos with Piglet's Big Game is no longer available. it would also be nice to have the complete collection from you with DosBox compatibility and nicely assembled in your install files. Thanks!!
    1. Hello! Both of those will be on here at some point. Perhaps on the next Disney Triple release...
  15. This is maybe a weird question, but what software do you use to create the installation packages? I've setup quite a few DOS/3.1 games myself and would like to try my hand at making some packages like these for others to use. I've looked around at a few options, but they all were either too barebones or way too convoluted. "InstallSimple" was close, but not quite everything I wanted. Any help is appreciated!
    1. I mainly use Clickteam's Install Creator Pro. It's simple to use though it does have a cap on file size. I use Inno Setup Compiler for larger titles though that's much more complex even if it's free. There are a few front ends for it suh as Inno Script Studio, but I still find Install Creator to be the best overall.

      If a game requires a custom menu (mainly for emulated games) I use Autoplay Menu Designer.
    2. I've been messing around with InstallForge for a bit and that one actually seems pretty good.
    3. Cool, I'll give those a try as well! InstallForge seems to have worked for what I want it to do, but it's just one scenario.
  16. Hey there! I've been working on my project for a couple weeks now, and it's going well. I've been working on a website for it too. I'd love you hear what you think! Thank you again for all your work on these - that was a big inspiration for me to start working on my own.

    1. Very nice site Zombeaver. Some cool games on there too, including one I'm not familiar with (downloading Perilhelion now). I see you're using PCEm for early Windows games. I've not delved into that program yet - is it better than DOSBox X/DOSBox Daum?

      PS sorry for late reply. Work was a major bitch this past month or so.
    2. Thanks! Still a lot of work to go but it's coming along.

      Perihelion's an interesting (if flawed) game that doesn't get a lot of attention. There's a lot of good stuff out there for Amiga that I'm looking forward to putting out - it has a great library with a lot of underappreciated gems, but it's one of the more complex platforms when it comes to emulation and I think it's intimidating for a lot of people, so it's a platform that, unfortunately, I think a lot of people pass on; even emulation enthusiasts.

      I prefer PCem for Windows 95 but still use Daum for 3.1. I love DOSBox, but I find it to be a bit unwieldy once you get to 95. PCem is really easy to make adjustments to - add hard drives, disc drives, swap out hardware like different CPUs, different audio hardware (it can do AWE32), and even different video hardware (it has Voodoo 2 support) with relative ease. I found these sorts of things to be fairly cumbersome to do via DOSBox. PCem can be somewhat system-intensive but sane settings seem to go a long way on most hardware.
    3. I've finally taken a look into and I think you're right (been meaning to for a while). There's a couple of niggles, such as having a maximum of 16 heads when creating an HDD (I've found issues when mounting them in Windows 10 for fine tuning). There's only support for four emulated IDE drives, of which DOSBox has 6 which is better for huge 6CD games. PCem does support much larger HDDs which is a bonus when you have to mount the CDs and it is a lot more compatible. It was also far easier to set up, it took about a hour to install and set up Win95 instead of the whole day to create the template for DOSBox. And its a lot more stable and compatible.

      I used it for my last Disney Triple post and I'm impressed.
    4. One of the things I like about PCem is that you can actually just mount external disc images as-is, similar to DOSBox's imgmount function, and have it interpreted as an inserted disc in the disc drive in the 95 environment. This is really handy, because it means you can have a very small virtual hard drive (say 250-500MB) for Windows, the install data, save storage, etc. and have the disc image(s) remain in its own standard format externally; and these can be specified in the PCem config with relative paths just like hard drive images.

      I think a limit of at least 6 drives would be an improvement as you suggest, but it shouldn't be a big deal for the vast majority of cases. Obsidian was quite large (5 discs) but I used the CD to DVD patch so it was a non-issue there. Were that not an option, I'm not sure how I'd deal with it; I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. It's always something haha
    5. DOSBox can do that with the IDE emulation. Just add "-ide 2m" to the end of the imgmount line and it works. You can go up to 4 masters ("-ide 4m") with their slaves ("-ide 4s") with the 1m & 1s reserved for HDDs and thus not needed in the conf file. It allows for compressed CD audio too which can drastically reduce file size. Here's an example...

      imgmount d: "CD\XF1-2.cue" -t iso -fs iso -ide 2m

      That being sad, PCem does tend to emulate the games a lot better.

      There are some games like Temujin and Dark Side of the Moon that cannot be turned into a DVD. Also, games that have CDDA audio are out too as DVD can't do it. It also means they can't be mounted within Win95 if you want the CD audio to work. The virtual CD programs at the time don't seem to like the bin/cue format with CD audio and if there is one I've not found it.

      I'm trying to get Dark Side of the Moon to work with PCem 'cos I've been trying to get that running for a while. The visual glitches are gone and the image quality seems to be be much better than DOSBox, but the sound has a slight but noticeable and distracting tinny distortion.
    6. Interesting, I wasn't aware of the -ide 2m thing. I basically just got a very barebones 95 setup working in DOSBox, decided that I hated working in that format, and went with PCem instead; and normal imgmounting works fine without it for DOS/3.1 stuff. In the event that I need to go back to 95 in DOSBox though that'll definitely come in handy.

      I actually had Dark Side of the Moon on my to-do list already, but hadn't messed with it yet. Have you tried messing around with different sound cards in PCem? Maybe a different card would help. I've been using the AWE32.
    7. So I've got Dark Side of the Moon working in PCem, but I'm getting that same audio issue. It sounds like the bitrate is abnormally low. I've tried changing sound cards, various audio settings... no luck yet. I take it you didn't have any luck either? As far as I can tell that's the only issue, but it's a pretty annoying one.
    8. That's where I'm at too. I played further on DOSBox with the Magic Pink issue (until it interefered with the gameplay) as I found garish pink in my face less annoying than robot speech in my ears. The same with 86Box (which is to PCEm what DOSBox Daum is to DOSBox). I doubt I'll try again until PCEm gets updated.
  17. Your site is amazing, thank you so much for putting all the hard work and effort into this! Some of my all-time favourite games from years ago are finally playable on Win10, thank you for making this possible!

    On a related note, do you by any chance have Marvel Super Heroes Creativity Center? It's effectively an interactive version of the classic "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" book, hosted by Stan Lee himself, with the added bonus of it letting you print out a comic you bring to completion as you learn the techniques. I've been looking for it for absolutely ages but I'm not convinced it would work on modern PCs anyway. Thanks in advance!
    1. Thanks L.T.!

      I don't have that Marvel game and I've not heard of it before. I'll do a bit of research and see if I can find it. Could be interesting.
    2. Greetings from one year later! I've managed to track down a copy of the CD but- as feared- it won't run on modern PCs! We have an older PC too so I reckon we'll be able to get it to work, but would you be interested in me sending on the files for you to share with your readers?

  18. Hi there, I have two request for old games. First there's Montezuma's Return. An old but fun little first person adventure game that would be great here, it was released 20 years ago this year, and seems forgotten from what I can tell. There's a 3DFX and Dos version:

    Lastly, if they are still freeware, the original Command and Conquer should be up here, such a classic!

    This site is awesome, keep up the good work!
    1. Hello! I have Montezuma's return and will likely get to it at some point. As for C&C, they're sold in a compilation at Origin. I was planning on adding them until I found that out.
    2. Ah drat, looks like it ain't freeware anymore then, that compilation I'm guessing you're referring to is not badly priced with the entire series in one pack, will have to grab that at some point. Looking forward to Montezuma though, I played the demo to death when I was a young'in!

      Two more requests have popped up in my head, remember the original Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter? That's 20 years old as well funnily enough!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUzXHFJTcTs

      Also were you a reader of PC Gamer? Remember the demo discs they had back around 1996? Each one was like an FMV Myst like game! A small fun at that but it was so unique and interesting to witness back then, having a small game wrapped around a collection of demos every month. These at least would be cool to have here, all the games included are all demos anyway so I don't see any legal problems there:


      Will check back regularly!
    3. I believe the Carnivores series is still sold somewhere too. I'll have to look into it.

      The UK PC Gamer didn't have those cool little menus disguised as adventure games. I did, however, grab a copy on holiday one year when Quake was the new big thing. I thought it was pretty cool. Still have the disc around here somewhere. I'm not sure I'll add it to the site as I focus on hard-to-run 'abandonware' games but there's definitely an article in there somewhere.
    4. Ah yeah that's right, they were only on the US edition, with Coconut Monkey haha.

      Are you thinking about having more Psygnosis PC games on here in the future? Wipeout, Wipeout 2097/XL, Destruction Derby 1 and 2, Lemmings, man tons of memories. The Destruction Derbys have got to be abandonware at least, they are totally, very unfortunately, forgotten about.
    5. A Lemmings collection has long been in gestation as I'm always surprised they're not sold anymore. They were massive at one point. I keep getting a feeling that as soon as I put them up, they'll get a re-release.

      The WipEouts are still sold on PlayStation Network, so they're out I'm afraid. I think the Destruction Derby games may be on there too but I'd have to check.
  19. Hello! I have a game request :) Adventures in Typing with Timon and Pumbaa?
    1. Hello! That one's definitely on my todo list. I will probably come up on a Disney triple though I'm focusing on the Activity Centres first.
  20. Hey!
    Love what You are doing. This is the only place I could find Dark Earth and Trespasser. Awesome!
    It's like gog until they find out how to release the games. You even patch them right?

    Thanks again and check out my looong wishlist for the future releases. These do not seem to have any releases and rights are in limbo.
    -Galapagos (This one is just unobtainable. I've never laid eyes on full version in my 30 years of life)
    -Heart of Darkness
    -Motocross Madness 2
    -Monster truck Madness 2
    -Return Fire 1 and 2
    -Simpsons Hit'n'run
    -Blade of Darkness Severance
    -Myth 1 and 2
    -House Of the Dead
    1. Hello!

      Out of all of them, the only ones I've tried to get running are Shipwreckers (called Overboard in the UK), Outwars and House of the Dead. Chasm: The Rift is already on this site too. I've managed to get Outwars running successfully so far and HotD PC is being a bit spotty (Arcade and Sat versions run pretty good though). I keep coming back to Overboard because it was one of my faves back in the day but the PC version is being a bit of a bugger.

      IIRC Blade of Darkness is on GOG - or it was (it's in my library) so I think the copyright owners are still trying to monetise it. I believe the others are fare game unless their PlayStation versions are on PSN. I've added them to the request list.
    2. Great, thanks!
      Blade of Darkness is not sold on gog for years now for whatever reason... it's not sold anywhere as far as I can tell.
      Thanks for the effort and I totally agree on priority list You posted!
  21. Hi Biffman!

    So happy I came across your site and being able to play these classics, they're not old enough for DosBox but can't run on modern computers.

    Anyway, do you think you'll have any more Disney games at any point? Maybe some of the old print studios might be an idea?
    1. Hello!
      As an unabashed Disneyphile, I'll pretty sure I'll get to them. I'm very behind at the moment (life, work etc) so the games I planned for August hasn't quite panned out. A Disney Triple was one of them but with more Activity Centres and not Print Studios. They're on my list, but I doubt the actual printing will work which is why they're not on the top of it. I'll have to investigate further when I get to them.
  22. Hey, could you add "The Adventures of Pinocchio" from 1996 (it's an FMV adventure game/interactive movie) to your list? Would love to be able to play that one again.
    1. Hello, and sorry for the late reply.

      I know of the game, but haven't played it. It's been added to my request list.
  23. Hey I have an issue here is the link to a video I made asking someone about the problem. It is unlisted and also it is about Jurassic Park Trespasser.
    1. Hello. This is probably due to your permissions with Program Files. Run as administrator or install to a locoation other than Program Files.
  24. Hey here's a suggestion, granted it'll be a Playstation conversion again but, why not Spider-Man 2 Enter Electro? The first game came to PC but the sequel was PS Exclusive Or hell do a spider-man compilation maybe?
    1. I've been thinking about a Spider-Man compilation which would include those games. They take a hell of a long time to do though. Unless it gets re-released on PSN or something, I might get one up in time for the next MCU Spiderman film. Not promising anything though.
    2. Yeah given licensing issues and it feels like a lot of those old games have just been ditched, probably not going to happen. Hell you could include a Questprobe compilation too
  25. You are doing awesome work!
    Any plans reviving Screamer Rally (with Glide support)? :)
    1. Hello, and sorry for late reply (day job took me away).

      I'm pretty sure GOG has all but one of the Screamer games so I'll have to check that first. If that's good, the tech stuff goes good and I have a good amount of free time I might get around to it.
    2. Yep, GOG has first two games but Rally is missing. There are helps in internet how to get Rally working but it's over my head.
      Thanks, fingers crossed!
  26. I'd really love to play "You Are Empty" once, a quite obscure FPS shooter released for Windows XP. It's one of the few games set in the Soviet Union. I tried to get it to work on three modern computers but with no success, it seems to be very picky about PhysX and graphics drivers. If you can get it to work - and I definitely think this lost gem is worth it! - I'd give you a generous donation for your site, something between 30-40$. I'm serious about this. In case you want to check it out, here's a link (the iso is easily found online too, the development team is since defunct): https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/You_Are_Empty
    Please, please give it a try :)
    1. Oh man, You Are Empty in no gem! I played and finished it when it was released.
      As a Windows game it has nothing to do with DosBox. Have you tried to run in on Win XP? To get it work on modern PCs one might need some great coding skills to fix game files. If you are lucky you may find suitable drivers and needed files to get it to run on modern Win, but it needs a lot of trial and error.

      Btw, if you are interested about old and obscure Russian and Soviet themed FPSes, have you tried Dusk-12, The Stalin Subway, The Stalin Subway: Red Veil, They’re Alive!, M.I.A. Mission in Asia, Instinct?
    2. Yes, I know most of the other games you mentioned, but M.I.A. looks interesting. I'll see if I come across it anywhere. As for You Are Empty, I played a demo years ago when I still had an XP machine and I liked the "over the top" style of the game with mutated chickens and undead Red Army soldiers. But I know that XP games are very hard to get running on modern systems :(
  27. If you're able to, I'd like to see Nerf Jr. Foam Blaster: Attack of the Kleptons on here. It's from 1999 and I played it a lot as a kid. I used the mouse to play it because the light gun it came with wasn't that great.
    1. I've not heard of that. Might look into it when I have some time to spare.
  28. I'd like to suggest Air Power: Battle in the Skies.
    It's an old obscure flight sim with grand-strategy elements, non-linear campaign and set in a fairly interesting world.
    1. Not heard of that one. I've added it to my request list
  29. Good to see you're still around, Biffman. I was kinda worried when there was no activity just before Xmas, but you're still here and that's awesome.

    I was wondering if there's any more Disney games coming up? Maybe Hercules Action Game or the Aladdin Math/Reading Quests?
    1. You can blame work and the release of a certain Rockstar game for that hiatus. And that Spider-Man game.

      I have a few Disney games in the pipeline but the Hercules platformer will not one of them. The PlayStation version available on the PS3 through the PlayStation Network. Not ideal for most gamers nowadays but it's still enough for me to rule it out.

      I did try those Aladdin games ages ago with no luck but I may get them another try with the years added knowledge now in my brain.
  30. Hey, I'm a huge fan of what you're doing. Not sure if you take requests, but there's a few older games I've been trying to get running for ages for my Youtube channel.

    Can we talk via email?
    1. Hello, and sorry for the late reply. For some reason I missed your comment. I really enjoy your vids, been a subscriber for a while now. Let me know what you're trying to get running and I'll see if I can help.
  31. Hey here's another request idea! WHy not the War of the Worlds RTS game that was based on the Jeff Wayne's musical? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Wayne's_The_War_of_the_Worlds_(1998_video_game)
    1. Did someone see Daniel Ibbertson's recently posted retrospective on YouTube too ;)

      I did try to get it working some time ago, but I ran into issues. I think that was before I started using PCEm so might try again at some point.
    2. LOL yeah I did and I saw a copy of it on Old-Games but that's clearly just the iso file
    3. Hey I'll tell ya this, if you can get this to work you'll be the first person to get a version for people to play that doesn't require having to have the CDs in at all time (sadly there is no "No CD" option
  32. is there anyway you can do CandyLand Adventures! I loved this game as a child, and i would love for my children to be able to play it to!
  33. Thanks for adding the information about going widescreen. Just to clarify:

    If people using a 1920 x 1080 monitor (16:9, like most modern monitors) wish to play their games in widescreen fullscreen, they should edit one line in the dosbox.conf file in their installed directory:

    They should change the line "fullresolution=desktop" to "fullresolution=original". It's the third line which isn't a comment, meaning the first character is not #.

    They may also change the line "aspect=true" to "aspect=false", but whether they do that or not, it won't affect the outcome. However, changing the other line is necessary, assuming they wish to stretch to widescreen fullscreen.

    Tested on Riddle of Master Lu and other games, on a 1920 x 1080 monitor. People with other resolutions should play around with the dosbox.conf file, especially with that third line.
  34. Well looks like it's bye bye Warcraft I and II! They're on GOG now!
    1. I knew they were probably coming :)
  35. Hey with the new Mortal Kombat game, did you ever think of doing your own collection of the post trilogy games? From 4 up through...I don't know...Armageddon?
    1. I'm in two minds. Warner Bros own the rights outright and it's not like they're not investing in the franchise. I'm actually quite surprised most of the mainline iterations are no longer sold - even the first Injustice is no longer on Steam. I won't rule out a compilation of their lesser-known and unsupported games in the future, but in all honesty it won't be high up on my list. Compilations can take an age to create and I don't want to spend time and effort on it when games like Mortal Kombat 4 or Sub Zero have a higher likelyhood to pop up on GOG or PSN than something like the older Spider-Man games.
    2. Yeah that does sound fair, I was just throwing that out there as a possibility. (Although Injustice IS still on Steam actually)

      Hey as a different suggestion, why not gather all the old Super Solvers games (Treasure Mountain, Midnight Rescue, Mission THINK, etc etc)? I mean ones like Mission THINK for example are a REAL pain in the ass to get going
    3. Those are more likely, though I don't know when I'm likely get to them. I've added them to my request list.
  36. Hey dude =) Been spreading the word about the site, some jokers were banging on about how they were finally getting Blade Runner to work on modern PC's lol So I informed the masses they were several years too late.
    Anyway, getting to the point. Has anyone ever requested Quarantine, the 1994 Taxi 'em up?
    Because I would like to request that. I have found it on other sites, but it never runs well with their dosbox config, and I know your configs would be much better.
    All the best.
    1. Thanks! I've heard of Quarantine and its sequel but I've not yet played them. I've added them to my request list.
  37. Will you ever put the Muppet Treasure Island PC game on this site so I can download and play it on windows 10?
    1. That would be a certainty :)

      Don't know when though. I also have Muppets Inside which I want to put on here but Treasure Island will be first. I'm more confident with how that runs.
  38. What games will you put on this site this month?
    1. The monthly mini-reviews are out tomorrow. Didn't have time for the fully-fledged ones this month but I'm doggedly sticking to my promise of having at least the 5 mini ones each month.
  39. Hello and thank you for all the great work, especially in the adventure games category which is the one I prefer (Black Dahlia and Discworld Noir, finally!).

    In that field I have two suggestions (or wishes) to make.
    The first one is "The New Adventures of the Time Machine" by Cryo Interactive. It's an open world adventure game, based on the famous H.G Wells novel, with some action elements and weird keyboard mechanics but I had good time with it back in the day.
    The second one is "Celtica" a Myst-clone with some clever and some obscure puzzles.

    Thank you for reading my comment and keep up the good work.
    Greetings from Greece,
    1. I've made some preliminary work with each of those, but it' sbeen a while since I've touched them. IIRC there were issues but fingers crossed I can iron them out.
  40. When will more games be added to this site?
    1. Real life keeps getting in the way but more are coming!
  41. Seeing how my requests got filled and being over the moon because of that, I make another requests for future. :)

    Screamer Rally (with Glide support) - 1997
    Extreme Assault - 1997
    Need for Speed II Special Edition - 1997

    And if you one day wanna take on some Win game, Elite Heli Squad - 2004

    Thanks for the brilliant work!
    1. One of them is being worked on and coming in September! I'll keep you guessing as to which one :)
    2. Saw which one! Fantastic work! Thanks a bunch!
  42. How many games will be put on this site this month?
  43. Hey question, you ever thought of doing a Terminator collection follow up with the PS2 games Dawn of Fate, 3 Rise of the Machines, and 3 Redemption?
    1. I have thought about more Terminator games, but they'll probably be separate rather than in a compilation. I remember trying out War of the Machines on PC at the same time I put out RoboCop vs Terminator and keep meaning to go back to it.
    2. Eeehhh Downside to that is that it has no single play campaign, it's mostly a multiplayer game with a single player mission system that is meant to practice the multiple. Think more like Quake 3 Arena
    3. Yeah, I didn't play much of it to be honest and didn't spent much time getting it working well either but I found it worth looking at for its IP alone.
  44. OH dude I just realized something! It's Scooby Doo's 50th anniversary! IN october you should so do a compilation of Scooby games!
    1. That's a great idea! I briefly tinkered with the adventures of the early 2000s a few years ago. They seemed decent for what they were. Compilations take a lot of work in comparison to single games though, so I can't guarantee anything, but at least you've got the idea swirling.
  45. How Much Longer will I have to wait for muppet treasure island to be on this site?
    1. I can't say. I was thinking of doing a bunch of Muppets games together for a couple of posts and include Muppets Inside. If I get them done in time, I was thinking around Christmas because they're intrinsically linked in my family.
  46. Hello,
    I have been a huge fan of your site, as well as the games/reviews you post and wish to thank you so much for helping me relive those memories. I love the Edutainment section SO much since it has many of the games I played as a kid and have desperately tried to get to work on DosBox for a long time so my daughter could enjoy them, and now she loves them just as much as I did! But there is one I was hoping I could share with her as well.

    I was wanting to ask if it were possible for you to upload two old games called Madeline and the Magnificent Puppet Show, and Madeline European Adventure? If you are able at some point that would be wonderful! But I know you must get many requests, so I understand. Again, thank you for doing this for so many people who struggle with playing their old games, you are wonderful~
    1. I vaguely remember the Madeline show playing on CBBC as a kid, but not thought much about it since. I've added those games to the request list but I can't tell you if I can get them working or when.
  47. Ever thought of doing a Splatterhouse Collection?
    1. I suspect I won't. I'm not the biggest fan of the series outside of its artwork but more than that, the first one will be featured on the Turbo Grafx mini when it comes out in March as well as already being available on the Namco Museum on the Switch. It's one of those series where one or two of them seem to crop up in random places every now and then, like the Nintendo e-Shop or the hidden in the 2010 reboot.
  48. Hey man I know I'm always throwing suggestions but one more. Ever thought of doing both Vietcong games and their expansions?
  49. You mean Czech game series stared in 2003? It's windows game, it should be quite easy to get to work.
  50. Hi! I stumbled into a problem which solution is not so easy to find as I expected. Do you know any easy way to temporarily disable mouse Y axis? I'd like to use it playing old FPSes where X axis is set up as it should, but Y is forward-back moving. I need to disable it somehow as on narrow ledges I fall into abyss no matter how careful I am.
    1. There's something but I'm not sure how to use it. https://www.gog.com/forum/general/dosbox_vertical_and_horizontal_mouse_sensitivity_turn_off_mouse_yaxis
    2. At a glance, it looks like that's a patch for the SDL.dll. Not sure how well it functions, but I'm not exactly convinced. There's the keymapper (Ctrl-F1) which might help (if remapping the mouse is supported), but I'm not not one to alter the original controls for the most part. Otherwise there are external programs like joy2key and its ilk.
  51. Hey don't know if it'll help but I heard that recently Blade Runner has finally been made to work on ScummVM. If that's the case, maybe you can redo your version to incorporate that? Just a suggestion
    1. I have that set up with ScummVM along with Duckman but I've not played enough of them yet to replace what's already on the site. I do know that UFOs under ScummVM kept crashing (at least for me) so I'm a little hesitant to go ahead with it without much playtesting. If it turns out all good, I'm sure it'll happen at some point.
    2. Holy Shit! Blade Runner just got released in GOG! I never thought I'd see the day!
  52. Will you ever put old Lego games on this site?
  53. Good afternoon. I have just run the game "Blackstone Chronicles" downloaded from the source. But I faced problems with sound: total noise and crackling. Not possible to play. Can anyone help please?
  54. Any chance of the old JumpStart games showing up here?


  1. No comments since the 2019s? That's so classic web now sadly. Everyone wants phones now as emulation (except Switch) seems to have stopped and news just as old shows up.

    1. This page is an archive of old comments from the FAQ page. It got a bit cumbersome so I periodically delete them and add them here. Newer ones are found there.

  2. It's ironic we can run Skyward Sword HD at 4k and ray tracing at 60FPS yet we don't have an XP emulator! 👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮🛸🛸🛸

    1. I know! That's the popularity of Nintendo for you. At least some games from the XP era have fan-made patches or can run with lots of tweaking.