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Friday 27 March 2020


https://collectionchamber.blogspot.com/p/hitchhikers-guide-to-galaxy-collection.html https://collectionchamber.blogspot.com/p/math-blaster-great-brain-robbery.html https://collectionchamber.blogspot.com/p/shufflepuck-cafe.html https://collectionchamber.blogspot.com/p/sightings-ufo-encyclopedia.html https://collectionchamber.blogspot.com/p/starship-troopers-terran-ascendancy.html

Hello fellow humans. We've got a plethora of out-of-this-world treats this week with a quintet of alien-themed gems. This marks our 400th game on the site (have you checked them all out?)! Don't panic with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Collection (1984-2010 Various), a four-game package including the classic Infocom text-adventure and the fanmade remake. Solve some pre-algebraic equations in Math Blaster Mystery: The Great Brain Robbery (1994 Davidson & Associates). Then have a game of intergalactic air hockey in Shufflepuck Cafe (1989 Brøderbund Software Inc). Filter fact from fiction in the educational CD-ROM all about aliens in Sightings: The UFO Encyclopedia (1997 Paramount Pictures). Lastly, shoot some alien bugs in the real-time-strategy Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy (2000 Blue Tongue Inc).

Friday 13 March 2020


by HeroOfAvalon

Before they were absorbed by Sony, Psygnosis were responsible for publishing some interesting games. Attack of the Saucerman, the sole release from Fube Industries Ltd, was an attempt at morphing the sci-fi stylings of a 1950s B-movie with an action-heavy mascot platformer.  With Mars Attacks and Men in Black hitting cinemas, the late 90s had something of a renaissance of flying saucer schlock, the latter of which appears to be a heavy inspiration here. With its 2000 release (a year after the PlayStation original), did it miss the B-movie boat?

Friday 6 March 2020


by Austin Brewer

Argonaut Software, a studio best known for its development of Star Fox and the Super Nintendo's Super FX chip, also developed the obscure DOS action-adventure known as Alien Odyssey in 1995. With a far more powerful system at their disposal, how does this innovative team fare on home computers?

Wednesday 4 March 2020

UPDATE - March 2020

It's been an entire year since I've last written one of these update posts, and man is there a lot to tell you about. From a plethora of small improvements behind the scenes to the introduction to our very own YouTube channel (not to mention the many games I've updated and improved), there's a lot to cover. Without further ado, let's jump in...