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Thursday 21 December 2017


Why is it that entertainment made specifically for young children feels like an insane acid trip? Teletubbies, In the Night Garden, Yo Gabba Gabba - each are nightmare-inducing to anyone old enough to know what LSD is. Rodney Greenblat, the Californian artist behind the PlayStation game PaRappa the Rapper created a trio of CD-ROM oddities in the 90s: Rodney's Funscreen, Rodney's Wonder Window and Dazzeloids. And each will keep you awake at night.

To dive deeper into the weirdness of it all, follow the links below.

Rodney's Funscreen

Rodney's Wonder Window


Funscreen, Wonder Window & Dazzeloids are © Rodney Alan Greenblat
Reviews, Cover Designs and Installers created by me

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