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Sunday, 28 February 2021


https://collectionchamber.blogspot.com/p/animaniacs-gigantic-adventure.html https://collectionchamber.blogspot.com/p/death-by-dark-shadows.html https://collectionchamber.blogspot.com/p/ecoquest-ii-lost-secret-of-rainforest.html https://collectionchamber.blogspot.com/p/nascar-racing.html https://collectionchamber.blogspot.com/p/vaxine.html
February's games are here and we start with the last remaining game in the Animani-verse with Animaniacs: A Gigantic Adventure (1999 SouthPeak Interactive). This one's a platformer, so read read on to see if it lives up to Konami's 16-bit classics. If you want something a little more serious, then check out the incredibly obscure Death by Dark Shadows (1994 William R. Fisher III), a dark and spooky cinematic platformer that has you play as a black panther. Following on from last month's educational adventure comes EcoQuest II: The Lost Secrets of the Rainforest (1993 Sierra On-Line) which sees you befriending an Amazonian bat as opposed to dolphin royalty. Still, I'm sure there's still enough litter picking to keep an average ex-con out of trouble. If you're a racing fan, why not try the first NASCAR Racing (1994 Papyrus Design Group)? It pits up to 38 stock cars against each other in an early polygonal crash-fest. Then, in a blatant move to be topical, there's Vaxine (1990 The Assembly Line) which has you throwing multicoloured balls around in the psychedelic brain of patient zero. I'm glad real-life vaccines don't work that way, otherwise we'd be screwed.

On top of all this, there are a couple of updates to mention too. Alice: An Interactive Museum (1991-94 Synergy Interactive Corp) and the cancelled WarCraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans (Blizzard Entertainment) have received new versions. Check out their pages for more details.

Watch the video round up below before checking them out yourself by following the links after the jump.

Click on the images below to head on over to the game page.

1999 SouthPeak Interactive

1994 William R. Fisher III

1993 Sierra On-Line

1994-5 Sierra On-Line & Papyrus Design Group

1990 The Assembly Line & U.S. Gold
DOS / Amiga
Arcade-Science Fiction

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  1. I'm guessing you know that SouthPeak Interactive also did a Pinky and the Brain game, will we be seeing that in the future?

    I actually thought with the recent passing of Christopher Plummer we would have seen Star Trek Klingon Academy get released as a tribute, will we be seeing that anytime soon?

    1. There's also one more Animaniacs game I recently found as well, but its a slight promotional thing from the old WB Kids website. Unlike P&TB World Conquest, it's not worth even a mini-review so I might retroactively add it to the collection in an update.

      I do have more Star Trek planned, but I completely forgot Christopher Plummer was in Klingon Academy. I've been spending too much time on Hidden Evil which is still giving me grief - fix one thing and another fails.

  2. Thanks a lot for doing this for us, this time especially for EcoQuest 2, NASCAR Racing and the updated WarCraft Adventures!