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A.D Cop is a rail-shooter game, a clone of Virtua Cop. The game is all about fast aiming and features six missions, although only three are available at the beginning. Each mission is divided into three stages with a level boss at the end. The player (policeman) uses a special helmet equipped with a viewfinder computer. The computer marks the opponent in a frame defining the threat level and time remaining to attack. The player is equipped with a gun and bazooka. During the mission he can raise the weapon of the killed opponent, f.e. shotgun, grenade, M-16, automated pistol. Killing a hostage takes one life. Life can be supplemented by finding a heart symbol.
 ~ from MobyGames

Back in the mid-90s, while SEGA and Namco ruled the light gun shooter in the arcade and console market, a small Taiwanese developer took a stab at creating one exclusively for the PC market. While it appears that the only other country A.D. Cop released in was Poland, the game has been fully translated into English, complete with computer-assisted voice recordings.

The game A.D. Cop most resembles is Virtua Cop and the inspiration is quite obvious. A box-like indicator will mark the next enemy to shoot, slowly turning red as he's about to fire. The camera will zoom and swerve to get a better and closer look at the target (although in this game, you are magically able to float in the air as you do so).

While it plays very well for a budget title, with some impressive-for-the-time cinematic cutscenes, the levels show a marked downgrade compared to SEGA's bullet-filled outing. Levels are rendered in 2.5D with not a single polygon in sight. This doesn't stop the levels from showing the occasional spark of ingenuity and creativity so the aging visuals are not too bad. The enemies (and innocents) on the other hand are very blocky 2D sprites. While they allow for enough memory for their dead bodies to remain on-screen and not disappear, they also make the game look uglier. It might not be too much of an issue if it didn't affect the gameplay. It is often hard to distinguish between what people you can and can't shoot - especially from a distance - and when they pop up right in front of you, it's a huge pixelated mess. Both this and Virtua Cop's PC port came out in 1996 so more could've been done if they had the means or desire to do so, but this decision remains the game's biggest flaw.

That being said, A.D. Cop was one of the better arcade shooters out there on PCs at the time. You could even make the argument that the statement holds true today. If you fancy a quick game of gunplay, then this comes heartily recommended.

To download the game, follow the link below. This custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses DOSBox to bring the game to modern systems. Tested on and Windows 10.

File Size: 201 Mb.  Install Size: 401 Mb.  Need help? Consult the Collection Chamber FAQ


A.D. Cop is © Electronic Music and Animated Graphics Co. Ltd
Review, Cover Design and Installer created by me

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  1. This game also got a somewhat rare sequel/add-on/expansion, The Overseas Mission, have you heard of it?

    Also, you are a living saint for making all those games avaiable.

    1. Thank you! I did find an ISO of the addon missions but it looked to be the exact same as the full game. Either it's a mis-labeled ISO or there's more to the addon than I initially thought. There's not much info out there to check but more investigation is definitely needed.

    2. Mislabeled. Only "right" one online is Polish. It's totally different right from the start (mission selection made as gallery, not 3 targets), and it have 6 missions to select from, instead 3.

    3. Did you ever get overseas missions running? Been trying for days... the fact that its polish ontop of dos makes it that much harder

  2. The English version of Overseas Missions was uploaded to archive.org, as a part of drivers for an audio card: https://archive.org/details/audio-wizard

    1. Nearly forgot! The uploader posted on Doomworld forums how to actually launch the game, as it's a slightly quirky process: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/56754-ad-cop-dooms-estranged-rail-shooter-cousin-from-taiwan/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-2238993

  3. A.D cop and the PC gun was actually also released here in Israel, so you can add that to your countries list!
    I'm actually selling mine right now, which led me to look up the game, since someone brought up the 'justifier gun', which looks identical and has the same RJ11 connector. we're wondering if the games are interchangable.

    If anyone is interested in buying,