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The year is 2098. Violence and crime have conquered law and order - streets are no longer save. The old power structure is rapidly crumbling, and a new one slowly arising.

You take the role of a B-Hunter tracking down outlawed criminals in your high-speed hover jet. Equipped with the deadliest of weapons, you fight your way through the lawless streets.

Times are hard and friends are few. The police are corrupt and the gangsters rival each other for power. The battle for control of the city is at hand, and you could make all the difference.
Strap in and grab the controls - there are bounties to be collected
  • Over forty incredible missions in nine episodes, including head to head challenges, search and destroy missions and gang territory disputes.
  • Awesome primary and secondary weapons
  • Fast, smooth 3D graphics, fully supporting 3D acceleration under DirectX 5 or later.
  • Atmospheric city areas, connected by a complex tunnel system, each with its own visual style.
  • Unique hover jet physics, featuring high-speed and top manoeuvrability.
  • Three different hover jets, each with its own specialised control systems.
  • Customisable control and interface set-up, supporting keyboard, mouse, joystick, force feedback and even VR gear.
  • Network support for up to eight players, both on local nets and over the internet.
  • 3D stereo sound system, with distance fall-off and Doppler effects, making the experience even more intense.
  • Fast paced Techno sound track, complementing the futuristic atmosphere of the game.
~from the back of the box

I can't wait until flying cars become a thing. It probably won't happen in my lifetime though, and if it turns out to be the free-for-all carnage in Interactive Visions futuristic shooter BHunter, then that's probably a good thing.

Using the same 360° of freedom familiar to games like Descent or Forsaken, BHunter aims to place the action in a fully realised open world. You are one of many bounty hunters seeking rewards around the futuristic city just make a living. Missions will pop up on the top left corner, though there's no speech which forces you to divert your concentration away from the sky roads to read them. I rarely did, as the target will flash up on your map regardless and the mission's endgame will always be a dogfight above the city streets.

There are a number of distinct areas to explore, including the slums in the Bronx, the rollercoaster casinos in New Vegas, the neon-drenched Chinatown and the classified areas of the Spaceport. Linked by the City Ring highway, most will be cordoned off at the start of the game, unlocking after each criminal has been caught.

While I found exploring new areas to be fun, most of the side streets have very little to differentiate themselves, especially in the featureless buildings that make up the Bronx. Still, stumbling upon that rollercoaster in New Vegas or turning a corner to witness the aftermath of a fight from a rival BHunter is still a thrill. The missions themselves do become repetitive after a while, with little help to guide you if you get lost.

Driving through the Repair icon in Al's Repair Joint 
will fill up your shield and engine gauges. For a price that is.

You will be able to enter a number of buildings and shops to aid you in your missions. Mr. Lee's Guns & Ammo will give you better weapons and in exchange for money while Al's Repair Joint will fix your shields and engines for a fee too. If you cause too much damage to innocent vehicles, you'll get a fine which can be paid off in the Bail Office. Simply fly into the respective building and hover over the icon which you want to buy. These areas can be a little cramped, so I recommend changing to the cockpit view for a better understanding of your surroundings. Otherwise, you may purchase an expensive gun you didn't mean to.

The presentation is also a little barebones too. While the graphics are very slick for the time, there is no opening movie to introduce this future world, nor is there much information about your progress. You cannot save, so the only way to continue is to get to the end of a 'chapter'. How long that may be depends on your skill, but for me, it could be hours. You'll most likely be unaware that you've reached this point too. On the plus side, the controls are decently thought out and fully customisable so you'll zoom around the city like a pro in no time.

Overall, BHunter is a pretty decent action game for 1999, even if its low budget is showing (it was distributed by Midas Interactive - kings of the discount bin - after all). All of the negatives are minor compared to everything else on show. Recommended.

To download the PC game, follow the link below. This is a custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses dgVoodoo in conjunction with DxWnd to run on modern systems. Manual & Map included. Tested on Windows 10.

File Size: 61.6 Mb.  Install Size: 73.1 Mb.  Need help? Consult the Collection Chamber FAQ


BHunter is © Midas Interactive
Review, Cover Design and Installer created by me

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  1. Hi, Has this been tested with an AMD/ATI graphics card. I ask because the menu screen is whited out with all choices. Take a look at the first screenshot. I have all the "boxes" (Game, Network. etc) but the boxes only show white and no words. Basically at a loss for choosing anything in the menu. I think it MUST be an AMD issue.

    1. I think it could be too. My computer's specs are shown in the FAQ and I don't have the time/equipment to test a multitude of setups. Try opening dgVoodoo.exe and playing with the videocard options under DirectX. That being said, I'll probably try the following first.

      Try running the game in fullscreen instead of a window that looks like fullscreen. Open DxWnd (*install dir*\DxWnd\dxwnd.exe) right click BHunter icon and select modify. Unselect "Run in window" and select "Fullscreen only" to see if that works. Read the ChamberNotes.txt for more info.

    2. Check "Disable and passthru to real DirectX" inside the DirectX tab of dgVoodoo.

  2. For some reason it won't start,tried fiddling with DxWnd and Dgvoodoo,DeP,compatibilities and nothing.It works for you with hardware enabled?

    1. It does. Those screenshots came from my playthrough. Does running BHunter.exe on it's own work? What about running as admin as DxWnd has some emulated regkeys. Make sure you don't set compatibility setting on DxWnd.exe or BHunter.exe. Unless running directly from the latter, it will conflict with DxWnd and not work. Read the ChamberNotes for more info.

    2. I tried again,this time installing the game with admin rights in it's default location,then running it with admin,no dice.When I looked in the "DxWnD" folder, I saw the "dxwnd.reg" so I tried to run it,incase it didn't work when it installed.It didn't work,it says "You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor".

    3. That .reg file is created by DxWnd as part of its virtual registry process, so it's not wise to add it to the registry anyway. I believe the syntax used is a little different so it shouldn't work like a regular .reg file.

      What happens when you run dxwnd.exe, right click on the icon, select modify and click 'Try' from there? Does the game begin or do you get error messages?

    4. When I try it like that,the same thing happens,I get the prompt "Use 3D hardware if available?",I click yes,then the logo shows up,followed by a black screen,then back to desktop.It happens to fast for me to see why it crashes.

    5. Try installing nGlide. This is the first DxWnd release I didn't include with it 'cos I didn't think it needed it. Perhaps that's the issue.


  3. Ok,so I managed to get it working properly by doing the following:
    1.Running DgVoodoo and setting up the "Glide" tab,resolution,antialiasing etc.
    2.Copying the 3 Glide files from the "3DFx" folder where DgVoodoo is located to "DxWnd\BHU" folder.
    3.Making a new shortcut of "BHunter.exe",then in the compatibilities tab checking "Run as Administrator".

    Thank you again for the assistance,can't believe it works so well on Windows 10.

    1. That's great! I'll have to do a version 2 'cos they should've been there, that or nglide (which is an alternative 3DFx wrapper).

  4. Love this game, if you like G-Police this one is a must