Disney's Aladdin was the first to get an Activity Centre in 1994 to coincide with its straight to DVD sequel Return of Jafar. While there's little here to excite those who completed the excellent console platformers with ease, its young target audience will revel in the simple mini-games and high production values.

These games are at once a multi-media promo for whatever movie is out at that time and a collection of mini-games to add value. There are seven in total, along with a collection of clips from the original 1992 film. None of them are particularly unique, with Simon Says music challenges, Spot the Differences and mazes making up half of the selections. They're easy enough to understand for the little tykes and will probably entertain them for some time. Adults will bore quickly after the first round.

You access these games through one of the three locations; Agrabah, the Palace and the Cave of Wonders. Each diversion can be selected from any of the three venues to get slight variations, but ultimately they're little more than re-skinned backgrounds.

Developer Gryphon Studios also included a print studio of sorts with more features than your average kid-friendly paint programme. As well as a blank sheet, theres a large number of drawings to colour in. You can do this free-hand or with a fill tool. You also have the option to paint-by numbers which will at least increase the chance of getting something aesthetically pleasing from your child. If you want more of a puzzle, there's also the welcome addition of some join-the-dot images.

When the remaining games of hangman, pairs or sliding puzzles wear thin, there's little reason to keep playing. The great animations and voice acting that adorn the occasion skit can only win over Disneyphiles for so long. That being said, it's a great time-waster for the target audience and a curio for every one else. It's worth a look, however brief that look will be.

To download the game, follow the link below. This custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses DOSBox running Microsoft Windows 3.1 to get the game working on modern systems. Tested on Windows 10.

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  1. I remember playing this so much as a kid. Mostly liked the jigsaw puzzle and maze.

    1. I was always fond of the maze too. They seem so simple now though.