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Poor Mr. Boddy's Dead... Again!

Clue, the classic family detective game, comes to life with Murder at Boddy Mansion. Mr. Boddy has been murdered, and it's up to you to crack the cruel case! Whodunnit? Where? And with what? All of the colorful characters from the board game are here, and each is a prime suspect. You'll need your best sleuthing skills to correctly answer the key questions that will solve the crime. Beware!

Key Game Features
  • Same colorful characters from the classic board game.
  • Stunning 3-D graphics take you inside Boddy Mansion.
  • Play with or without computerized dice.
  • Adjustable challenge levels let the whole family play.
  • Multi-player over LAN and Internet.
  • One to six players.
~ from the back of the box

Out of all the classic board games, Cluedo bar far holds up the best. The murder mystery concept, the iconic characters, the process of elimination gameplay; it can easily sit alongside the more modern boxes in today's tabletop resurgence. Cluedo: Murder at Blackwell Grange (or Clue: Muder at Boddy Mansion) is a straight-up adaptation of that board game, but it remains one of the best.

Coming to digital PCs almost 50 after the original physical release, Cluedo was mostly met with positivity, getting respectable scores among the gaming press. The biggest gripe most had with it was it being little more than a straight adaptation. It is indeed that, but I believe it injects personality, character and drama elevating it from most of the previous, dryer versions.

A comprehensive player's guide is found included. Useful nor newbie sleuths (left).
There is a robust selection of options. I recommend turning on Auto Notes to begin with (right).

Picture it; a stormy night. Thunder claps and lightning strobes the sky. Somewhere inside an imposing mansion, a murder has taken place and one of the guests is responsible. Narrated by the droll butler (who didn't do it), in all his received pronunciation, players take turns to visit rooms where the murder might have taken place. Each player has bit and pieces of information at their disposal by way of cards. These contain rooms, suspects and murder weapons dealt to each player. One of each has been set aside, hidden from players. This is how the deceased met his end and you are to guess its contents by a process of elimination.

By entering a room, you have selected it as the location of his death. You now add a suspect and a murder weapon to make up your hypothesis and if another player can refute it, they will prove it by showing you a card. Eventually, you will have deduced enough information to make an accusation and if right, you've won the game.

Other than nice pre-rendered 3D graphics and a fully-realised ground floor of the premises, there isn't much to add to this game. It plays exactly the same as the tabletop version. You do have one variant that limits the roll of the dice, giving each player 9 spaces each turn to speed things up. This makes it play more like the Junior version of Cluedo than the original, with each enough moves to have a guess each turn. In this instance, deduction is everything losing the traditional roll-and-move randomness that can make or break your run in another playthrough.

Cards in your hand will be face down in hot seat multiplayer. Just trust your opponents to look away (left).
Keeping tabs of your tick sheet is a must. There are a few options to take notes as you please (right).

Everything else is cosmetic. The FMV sequences are a nice touch - even a tad frightening at times. They're necessary here too, as guesses aren't spoken aloud at all, requiring you to pay attention the actions on screen to see who they think did it and with what. Each of the rooms are fully explorable, with a couple of interactive hotspots in each. You can turn on a flickering light, straighten a picture frame or hit some snooker balls should you so choose. They mean nothing, instead only there to make a player's turn longer as they meander the room looking for as many as they can. An extra mechanic - like an Adventure Mode - that fully uses them would've been nice, but as it is it's simply superfluous.

Cluedo: Murder at Blackwell Grove is a decent digital board game that is worth it if you don't want to go digging in the loft for the dusty boxed version. It is no more than that. For those looking for something the tabletop cannot offer, stick to the FMV version from 1996. It plays with the IP in a much more satisfying way.

To download the PC game, follow the link below. This custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses dgVoodoo, CD Audio Proxy (CDAEmu) and IMG Drive Portable to run on modern systems. UK (Cluedo) and US (Clue) versions and US manual included. Read the ChamberNotes.txt for more detailed information. Tested on Windows 10.
  15.07.2023 - Ver.2 - Replaced the NoCD cracked .exe with the official Version 2.2 .exe.
                                  No uses IMG Drive Portable with modified game ISO to bypass CD check.
                                  Added MSVCP50.dll taken from Microsoft Visual C++.
                                  Hopefully this will fix some of those reported errors.

File Size: 130 Mb.  Install Size: 209 Mb.  Need help? Consult the Collection Chamber FAQ


Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion (aka Clue: Murder at Blackwell Grange) is © Hasbro Interactive
Review, Cover Design and Installer created by me

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  1. Ok I actually have a really problem with executing the game. The Clue.exe _ System error says : "The Code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP50.dll was not found . Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." Do I resolve this by watching some sort of YouTube video? Or do I uninstall the game and reinstall the game ? Or do I get something online?

    1. I'm not at home atm, but of I recall you need one of the Microsoft Visual C++ packages. You can get them from the Microsoft site. Link in the FAQ

    2. Ok I am afraid I can't find the link to Microsoft Visual C++ package. Where is it the FAQ? But I did see some other links.

    3. I thought it was there. You can Google it its usually the first option as its distributed by Microsoft themselves. I'll post a link when I get home.

    4. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-170

      It's worth having all of them installed. I have.

    5. I was about to say that I'm having the same problem myself. I'll try again later and also look into what you posted.

  2. Interesting to read your thoughts on Cluedo. It's all subjective, of course, but I've never been able to get on with it personally - the deduction/accusation mechanic always just felt a bit - ahem - ropey to me. And the game can really drag, especially as you note when people aren't rolling high enough to generate guesses every turn.

    Rab Florence once wrote for Rock Paper Shotgun that the game is so iconic, with its theme, board, cards and characters, that it's crying out for someone to take those elements and design a different game with them. I was reminded of this when you mentioned an adventure mode. I've always felt it's a missed opportunity to just digitise a board game and not try doing something extra. It never seemed to stop them from selling though!

  3. MSVCP50.dll was not found. If you place that dll in the game folder, it will work. Since it's missing I wasn't able to run it but now it's fine.

    1. The .dll is from one of the Microsoft Visial C++ packages (see the FAQ). Being a rabid retro PC gamer, I have them all installed but for those who don't I've zipped up the file and added it to the download link

  4. I am very grateful for this upload. However, I have an issue. The video graphics come out monochrome and heavily pixelated that I can't make out what I am seeing, despite my best efforts with the compatibility settings. I would appreciate the help.

  5. I get an error saying MEM RESIZE failed. What would cause this error?

    1. I can't say I've encountered this error. In my research it could be a video codec issue. Try installing K-Lite, which includes every codec you'd possibly need. More info in the Windows section of the FAQ.

    2. I installed K-Lite and still get the same error. Is there anything else I need to do such as moving any files or tweaking any settings?

    3. My research took me to this GOG forum post for Blades of Darkness. The only other thing I can think of is the Microsoft Visual C++ packages (also on the FAQ). I might play around with recoding those MPG files but if they work for me, I'm pretty sure they'll work for you (assuming it is a codec issue that is).


    4. I applied the fix from the link and it made some progress. The game launches, but the cutscenes do not play at all

  6. Game doesn't seem to want to load the opening cutscene and when I try to play a game, it crashes and tells me I've run out of memory.

  7. Firstly I'd like to say thanks for the hard work you've done polishing this game up, I just played a quick game and it runs smooth as butter on my USB HDD. The only issue I have is the cutscenes are heavily pixelated in black and white.

    I tried playing on Windows 10 both with and without the Indeo codec keys in my registry, but it's the same either way. Is that just part of the fix or can I make the cutscenes appear as they originally did?

    1. Never mind I figured out how to fix this, see my comment below (forgot to add my name to it lol).

  8. Hi, I finally figured out how to fix the black and white cutscenes! First I had to go to the game files and open dgVoodooCpl.exe, then in the Miscellaneous area of the DirectX tab, I ticked the box for "Fast video memory access" and clicked Apply. Now the cutscenes appear in colour when I play the game! Might be worth adding this to the game description in case others have the same issue.