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  • Experience firsthand the full 3D universe of Dune - one of the greatest science fiction sagas of all time. Even ride the legendary Sandworms!
  • Intuitive camera movement and interface make gameplay easy in this vastly compelling, real-time strategy game.
  • Play solo, head-to-head, co-operatively with a friend, aggressively against the computer or take on up to 7 others in all-out mayhem.
  • Battle for Dune as one of 3 unique cultures: the noble Atreides, the evil Harkonnen or the secretive Ordos.
  • Align with any of 5 powerful subgroups, including the stealth-minded Fremen, and merciless Sardaukar, to access new technologies and units.
  • Explore 5 different landscapes including lush prairies, industrial wastelands, frozen tundra and the harsh desert of Dune.
  • From the stealthy Dust Scout to the massive Devastator war machine, each unit plays a vital role in your tactical battle plan.
  • Challenge youreself in over 150 single-player missions where you must conquer, defend or retreat from 33 individual territories on the innovative campaign map.
  • Turn novice warriors into battle-hardened veterans - the longer they stay alive, the more they boost their firepower and special abilities.
~ from the back of the box
Review coming soon.

To download the PC game, follow the link below. This custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses dgVoodoo to run on modern systems. Manual included. Read the ChamberNotes.txt for more detailed information. Tested on Windows 10.

File Size: 2.08 Gb.  Install Size: 2.19 Gb.  Need help? Consult the Collection Chamber FAQ


Emperor: Battle for Dune is © Electronic Arts
Review, Cover Design and Installer created by me

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  1. Thank you SO much for this one! EOD has been one of the great unplayable games in my life, as there was only about a 6 month period when my computer could manage this one. I've never been able to get it working ever since. You've literally brought a classic back to life and I am incredibly thankful and happy! You rock!

  2. Any fix for the game running super fast?

    1. You can turn the game speed down in the options menu.

    2. Yes the speed is fine, but make sure you set your screen refresh rate to 60hz to avoid UI elements from spinning too quickly

  3. Lisan Al-Ghaib

  4. This great, I managed to get it running on the Steam Deck. The only issue is black screen when videos play. Any ideas around this?

    1. Never mind, I used a newer version of Proton and it works flawlessly. :-)

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  7. Game keeps freezing on me :( I'm on Windows 11. Sometimes I can play for a bit before it freezes. Even when playing I'm getting constant stuttering.