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Radix: Beyond the Void is an intense 3D action game developed for the PC platform. While playing Radix, you'll fly down the alien infested tunnels of the Theta-2 base as well as the massive alien ship. You will also fly Beyond the Void, where unknown terrors await you. It'll take great persistence and skill to navigate the small assault fighter through the winding tunnels and corridors to successfully accomplish your mission. (Un)fortunately, heavy alien resistance will hinder your objective.
Radix: Beyond the Void has 3 large episodes each consisting of 8 regular missions and one secret mission. The action is non-stop, with only small breaks for the mission briefings. In each mission, you will have a unique primary objective ranging from action packed seek & destroy to stealthy recon missions. Before each mission, briefing information details objectives as well as the location of hostile alien activity.
Within the game, you have complete control , including lateral/horizontal movement and the freedom to fly in any direction. Hazards such as enemy ships, mindless alien zombies, missile launchers, crushing floors and ceilings, steeply sloped tunnels, tractor beams, gravity wells, and more will attempt to stop you from completing your mission.
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If you're gonna copy something, at least make it different. That's Radix: Beyond the Void from Epic MegaGames. At first glance, this mid-90s shooter looks like a simple Descent clone; you take control of an aircraft navigating through a maze of tunnels without the force of gravity holding you down. It tasks you with destroying a hoard of sci-fi enemies while you get to grips with your pathfinding skills (or lack thereof).

What Radix does differently is everything else. Your ship, for example, is a fighter jet. A futuristic one, but still a jet. You cannot stand still, so you can only control your speed of which there are two - slow and fast. You hold the right mouse button to feel the need for speed, while tap of the / key will give you a burst of your afterburner so you can really feel the g-force.

For the most part, the levels make use of this mechanic. The are not open or overly complex, but are mainly comprised of long, snaking corridors offstead by some arena-sized areas where most of the combat takes place. 

The combat is pretty decent too. Enemies have their own patterns to pay attention to, such as moving randomly in front of you or maneuvering behind you and giving chase. Thankfully, you can shoot behind you by holding the Enter key, though remember you are still moving ever forward. It's easy to crash into walls as it is.

The ultimate aim is to simply reach the end, destroying as many enemies as you can. Often, the goal is blocked off forcing you to find a switch or teminal to blow up so you can move on. The carnage is all rather satisying and one I highly recommend.

To download the game, follow the link below. This custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses DOSBox to bring the game to modern systems. Manual Included. Tested on Windows 10.

File Size: 13 Mb.  Install Size: 28 Mb.  Need help? Consult the Collection Chamber FAQ


Radix: Beyond the Void is © Epic MegaGames
Review, Cover Design and Installer created by me

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  1. There is also the RAD source port based on DelphiDoom. The author, Jim Valavanis, intends it to also allow modding (in this case, custom maps) and playing (currently only) official DOOM 1 maps.