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Fill your head while you boggle your mind.

Welcome to the Island of Dr. Brain, where the whimsical landscape is filled with visual puns and a gauntlet of peculiar puzzles waits to challenge your mind.

Your task is to bring back a special battery, a vital piece to one of Dr. Brain's bizarre projects. To get it, you must think your way past such entertaining obstacles as a flashing flamingo puzzle, a hidden picture garden, and a temperamental volcano that's about to blow its top.

Your mission becomes a race against time as Island of Dr. Brain tests your problem-solving skills and knowledge of math, language, chemistry, art history, physics, logic, mechanics, music, genetics, literature, navigation, and more.

Succeed in your quest and you'll learn the fantastic secret of the Island of Dr. Brain. Goof up and you can try again - the puzzles change each time you play!

Island of Dr. Brain features:
  • Mouse, joystick or keyboard controls. No typing.
  • Novice, medium and expert skill levels, which are changeable during play.
  • Unfinished games can be saved.
  • Official EncycloAlmanacTionaryOgraphy with answers for all questions of fact. Dr. Brain himself helps if you're stumped.
  • Map of the Cerebral Hemisphere.
  • Theater quality stereo sound track.
~ from the back of the box

The Island of Dr. Brain is Sierra's second entry in the Dr. Brain series and would be the last to be developed in-house under the Sierra Discovery Series banner (later entries would be handled by Bright Star Technologies). Dr. Brain has ventured away from his castle and laid claim to his own tropical island. He asks you to find some inconsequential MacGuffin to fix some other inconsequential MacGuffin and naturally this involves solving puzzles.

We begin with a block puzzle, where you'll have to fill an area using a number of polyominoes. This will open up an underground crypt which eventually leads you on a merry journey through the sights and sounds of the island.

Each area has puzzles from a variety of disciplines, whether it be a foreign language word search, a chemistry lab or maths equations. With the exception of yet another generic jigsaw, most of the puzzles are incredibly fun and - on harder difficulties - can be incredibly taxing. Some even require the use of the EncycloAlmanacTionaryOgraphy, a 100+ page physical book (or pdf) that came with the game. This includes an explanation of each puzzle as well as charts and graphs and descriptions such as the periodic table or the Fibonacci scale.

In one conundrum, you are required to organising books by subject by using the information from this book (or pdf). There are numerous pages detailing animal classifications, topography, a variety of gods and many more educational tidbits but for the purposes of this puzzle, we're gonna need to go to page 65. Here is where you'll find all of the information needed to sort the books.

The Island of Dr. Brain is just as good as its predecessor. It not only provides an introduction to a variety of subjects, but it promotes the joy of research and coming up with your own conclusions through trial and error. Obviously, it's still for kids, but I was still pleasantly stumped on a number of occasions when playing on the hardest difficulty. That is perhaps the greatest recommendation I can give it.

To download the game, follow the link below. This custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses ScummVM to allow the game to run on modern PCs. Manual and EncycloAlmanacTionaryOgraphy included. Tested on Windows 10.

File Size: 38.6 Mb.  Install Size: 72.5 Mb.  Need help? Consult the Collection Chamber FAQ


Island of Dr. Brain is © Sierra On-Line
Review, Cover Design and Installer created by me

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