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Bad Day on the Midway is a little different to The Resident's previous interactive release. While still a showcase for the band and their Freak Show inspired ditties, it is more of an actual game. There are now puzzles to solve, you need to use a little strategy to win the game and you can actually die. What is interesting here is the use of multiple characters. You can essentially possess the different characters you meet which will open up different locations and objectives. Death is not always the end of the game, though, as in one particular scene you can possess your killer.

You begin the game as little Timmy who is visiting the carnival for an evening of unfaltering enjoyment. Not even a mass murderer on the loose leaving piles of dead bodies on the floor could stop his upbeat outlook of the experience. As he explores the attractions, he can transfer his consciousness into another character in a similar way to Inscape's own Dark Eye (which I reviewed elsewhere on this site). There are six playable characters ranging from a dramatic fortune teller to an escaped lab rat. Each has their own story to tell, and each can uncover pieces of the overall mystery.

There's only really one puzzle in this game - be the correct person in the correct location at the correct time to view the complete story, but even if you've done it wrong, you're guaranteed to witness something strange and downright bizarre. Like a woman whose skin turns to bark who performs one of the most memorable songs in the entire game. You can also see a sperm whale give birth to an electric eel! That's certainly not something you see every day.

The two Residents game from Inscape are not so much something you play, but something you experience. The images will stay with you in your nightmares and the songs will creep into your psyche. I therefore consider them an absolute must-play and urge everyone to give them a go.

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To download the game, follow the link below. This custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses the DOSBox-X build of DOSBox running Microsoft Windows 3.1 to get the game working on modern systems. Manual included. Read the ChamberNotes.txt for more detailed information. Read the Tested on Windows 10.
    03.05.2016 Version 2 - Separated the two games into their own installer.
                                         Autoclose Windows 3.1 when exiting the game.
    15.03.2022 Version 3 - Now uses the DOSBox-X build of DOSBox 0.74.
                                         Added PDF Manual.

 File Size: 463 Mb.  Install Size: 684 Mb.  Need help? Consult the Collection Chamber FAQ

The Residents: Bad Day on the Midway is © Cryptic Corporation / InScape
Review, Cover Design and Installer created by me

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  1. Thank you for the game! Download link seems to be broken, but it is possible to extract correct url from it...

    1. Sorry! I transerred it to a different host which I'm still getting used to. 4Shared seems to randomly delete some of the files at the moment. All sorted.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this game with an installer, I was having a terrible time trying to get this to run on DOSBOX on my own.

  3. thanks for the installers. however, bad day does not work. installing goes fine, but running the game it gives errors like "unable to copy the driver file ... your disk may be full.".

    1. This is likely due to admin errors. Try installing it outside of Program Files or run as administer. More info is found in the FAQ.

  4. thanks for the response, i did not expect that running as admin would help, so instead i wasted an evening with virtualbox. it did help though, and while the video is lagging a bit etc issues, it's still better than what i've managed to set up in a win98 virtualbox. finally i may be able to experience this game. thanks again.

    1. It's been a while since I looked at this game and my knowledge base has grown since then. Perhaps I'll take a second look. In the mean time, you may want to play around with the cycles option in dosbox.conf. That may help with lag. Read the FAQ for more info.

  5. Congrats on these new releases, they feel really smooth compared to the past ones.

    Also, one question, how do you find the manuals for most of these 90s games? I haven't seen bad day on the midway's manual anywhere else.