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Friday 7 August 2020

CARNEVIL - Video Review

Let's drop some coins and visit the twisted arcade realm of CarnEvil (1998, Midway). I reviewed this horror themed light gun shooter way back in 2016 but now we have the video review! The game remained exclusive to the arcades, so watch the video then play the game to find out what you all have been missing.

I've also just created a Patreon page for those who really like what I'm doing here. Check it out here. Click the link after the jump to find out more.


1998 Midway
Arcade-Shooter-Light Gun-Horror

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  1. It's impressive how MAME emulates the game's Voodoo 1 driver into software renderer.

  2. Can you do the forgotten game D.O.G: Fight For Your Life (1997) as one of your next releases?

    1. Perhaps. I've made some minor inroads to get it working but it came out a little buggy. Didn't go beyond an initial attempt though.