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Take the Ultimate Scream Test!
You're screaming down the tracks. The G-forces are rearranging your face. And you custom-built rollercoaster is heading for hyper-space. But don't wimp out now! After all, you have nothing to lose but your lunch! It's your dream. And your scheme. So relax, sit back and screeeeeeam.
  • Just Point and Click. It's that easy to use. So, you don't need a PhD to start building your masterpiece ASAP.
  • Computer Assisted Design. The power of 3-D CAD Imaging is at your fingertips!
  • In Your Face Action. First-person perspective will send you hurtling down the tracks on a teeth rattling, stomach churning, head spinning rocket ride!
  • Digital Sound. Our sound engineers braved America's hardest rocking roller coasters to capture all the glorious clatter in mind-bending digital detail.
  • Build Your Own. Or Make a Clone. With the ample variety of track pieces, you can invent the scream machine of your dreams. Build one based on your favourite real-life roller coaster. Or choose from many designes that are pre-built ready to ride.
  • Track Your Stats. Coaster's unique Signature features lets you save and analyze stats like speed, longest drop, G-forces and more, as you shoot for personal bests - or compete with other Coaster boasters.
  • Ask the Experts. Our panel of animated experts will judge your Coaster design and let you know if it's a go!
~from the back of the box

In the early 90s, Disney made some strange choices with their video games. They created their own sound card for IBM PCs, promoted the hell out of a game licenced from a movie about Giant Killer Spiders and released Coaster for the younger market. 

Essentially, Coaster is a CAD tool for rollercoasters. You have many drop-down menus, windows with icons and text, charts, graphs and all that good stuff. You can recreate a fair few coasters from the era too. Even their long-lived Disneyland stable, The Matterhorn, has been lovingly pre-built. Making your own can be a bit of a chore. It's hard to gauge where you are placing your track and you cannot go back to a segment unless you delete all that came after it. Even completing the loop is a little fiddly. Then, once you've made your magnum opus, you find it's impossible when you ride it.
During editing you can view a wireframe preview, but when it's rendered properly it may not work. Something called "gravity" and "physics" scuppering any enjoyment. This is probably why the coaster isn't ridden in the types of train cars we're used to. Instead, you have a cockpit with a boost button. I guess this was built in so that kids who are are terrible at it can still experience it (like me, I guess). 
The same cannot be said for the evaluators. If the coaster is a little too crazy, they refuse to ride sending dummies to do their dirty work. This will surely signify that the train will derail with no virtual lives lost, but even if you've created the best there is not all of them will be satisfied.

That's all there is to it, really. Build a coaster, ride it and pretend to pay attention to American stereotypes. Compared to a real trip to Disneyland, two out of three aint bad.

To download the game, follow the link below. This exclusive installer uses the DOSBox Daum build of DOSBox 0.74 to bring the game to modern systems. Tested on Windows 10.
  02.07.2015 Ver.2 - Now uses Disney Sound Source for digital sound. This fixes the missing on-ride sound effects.

File Size: 8.36 Mb.  Install Size: 16.9 Mb.  Need help? Consult the Collection Chamber FAQ


Coaster is © Disney Interactive
Review, Cover Design and Installer created by me

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