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Nothing captures the excitement of amusement parks and the fun of pinball like Thrillride, the latest pinball adventure from the best-selling 3D Ultra Pinball series. Taking pinball to a new level of interaction, Thrillride offers 15 different rides, including two mini-tables, Nighttime Fantasy, and plenty of special surprises. And because it's from 3D Ultra, incredible graphics, authentic pinball play, top-notched animations and a healthy dose of craziness are guaranteed.
  • 15 different amusement park rides
  • Three levels of play with adjustable features to simulate authentic pinball
  • Post and compare high scores over the Internet
  • Multi-player fun with up to four players
  • Nighttime Fantasy - hit all the rides then sit back and enjoy the fireworks
  • Multi-ball madness
  • Authentic pinball graphics
  • Fun interactive animations
  • Fun for all ages
~ from the back of the box

After the disappointment of Dynamix's 3D Ultra NASCAR Pinball, hopes were high that they'd get back on form with their theme park-themed entry from 2000; 3D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride. This would be the fifth and final game in the over-the-top franchise, so the better go out with a bang.

Like NASCAR, the setting is less fantastical. Here, the table is based on that of a theme park. Hershey Park to be precise. Sierra and Dynamix partnered with the American chocolate company's Pennsylvanian holiday destination who were promoting their new duelling wooden coaster by Great Coasters International called Lightning Racer. This ride, and a number of others, are in the actual game too. On the left of the table is the Thrill Zone, a side table of sorts that will feature an ever-changing rota of coasters. As well as Lightning Racer, there is the B&M Inverted Coaster called The Great Bear, the Vekoma Boomerang named Sidewinder, the Schwarzkopf Steel Coaster known as SooperDooperLooper, and Tidal Force, a water ride by Hopkins Rides. Aim your ball towards the track to earn more points.

As well as these, five of the park's most iconic rides are present at all times. Wildcat (a Great Coasters International wooden coaster) and Coal Cracker (an Arrow Developments log flume) both give opportunities for multi-balls while the Ferris Wheel, Corkscrew Loop and Wave Swinger can garner even more opportunities for a higher score. Ride all of them without dropping a ball and the Fun Zone will open up.

Depending on what icon is highlighted, the Fun Zone will present its own rides and special tasks to complete for even more points. Most require you to simply hit things, such as the Fender Bender bumper cars or the Kissing Tower (not recommended for actual kissing). Catch the Virtual Coaster or Canyon River Rapids (now removed from the park, unfortunately) and you'll be whisked to their own dedicated table.

It's actually a very fun setup and with improved ball physics, it's perhaps the best playing in the series. In my mind, however, it doesn't have the same fantastical imagination that was the series calling card in its early days. You are no longer preparing for battle in a Space Colony, surviving through a Creep Night in a haunted castle or escaping a pre-historic Lost Continent. You're simply going to a theme park, and that makes it a little less exciting.

To download the game, follow the link below. This is a custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses  DxWind to run on modern systems. Read the ChamberNotes for more detailed information. Manual included. Tested on Windows 10.

File Size: 151 Mb.  Install Size: 205 Mb.  Need help? Consult the Collection Chamber FAQ


3D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride is © Sierra On-Line
Review, Cover Design and Installer created by me

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  1. Would it be possible to host up the rest of the 3D Ultra games sometime? (Minigolf, RC Cars, Cool Pool etc).

  2. HI can you also add another way so every 3d ultra pinball uses DxWind

    1. Hello. Each of the 3D Ultra games handle slightly differently, so it may not be possible. Windows 3.1 games tend not to work as well as Windows 95+ games if at all, and even then it's a time consuming gamble. Previous entries are released using the best of the options and resources available to me at the time, including the time it takes to create itself.