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The sequel to the critically acclaimed Quarantine

Driving a cab for a living used to be so simple. Then along came the 21st century, the Omnicorp Empire, Drake Edgewater and a whole new ball game.

Having escaped from the prison city of Kemo, Drake now faces a far greater challenge on the outside, having lost none of the guile that kept him alive on the inside. Now free and looking for a career move to fund the upkeep of his prized cab and its subtle "personal protection" devices, he is enlisted by the exiled rebel forces to help bring down the all-conquering Omnicorp Empire. Buzz saws, machine guns, missiles, heat seekers and flame throwers are no ordinary car protection, but then this is no ordinary car and certainly no ordinary guy.

If explosive 3D action is your thing, and you fancy rescuing rebel personnel and blitzing Omnicorp strongholds in urban war zones and dangerous desert lands...then welcome to the party baby!
  • Amazing SVGA graphics
  • •A whole host of new vehicles and enhanced weapons to upgrade your cab
  • •Multiple camera views
  • •Finely tuned CD audio tracks composed especially for Road Warrior
  • •Massive gaming environment including detailed deserts, cities, farms and theme parks
  • •Special demolition derby levels and racing tracks
~ from the back of the box

Quarantine II: Road Warrior, the 1995 action-driving game from GameTek, once again sees Drake Edgewater causing trouble on the streets of Kemo City, hovercar in tow. Being a mix between Grand Theft Auto, Carmageddon and Crazy Taxi, the original was way ahead of its time with an impressive open city to explore. How does this sequel hold up?

The game begins with a kidnapped Drake forced to drive in a number of violent contests. We start off with a destruction derby to the death, followed by a three-lap race... to the death. Drake has become something of a local legend since the first game, so his captors are using that to line their own pockets, as is the resistant who've used some feminine wiles to recruit him to their cause. First, you have to win your freedom before hitting the surrounding desert wastelands.

With entertaining, over-the-top comic-book cutscenes interspersed between each level, it's a lot more story focused this time around. These are nicely drawn panels with a crisp, punk-infused art style reminiscent of Tank Girl or other counter-culture comics of the time. To top it off, a physical version of the intro was included in the retail box.

The main crux of the game has a reluctant Drake dragged into a resistant whose goal is to overthrow the megalomaniacal Omni Corp. The prospect of a romance with the voluptuous revolutionary Tracy will be enough to entice anyone, and it sure convinces him to join the fight. Drake must use his decked-out cab complete with an upgraded arsenal of machine guns, flame throwers and more to aid the revolutionary forces on a series of daring missions.

For those who've played the original, the level structure may feel like something of a downgrade from the large urban districts of before. Most stages have a single mission to accomplish in a fairly linear fashion, but if you keep at it some of the later levels return to the free-roaming format. Even so, GameTek never gives you an opportunity to lose interest as the variety has certainly improved. You are let loose outside of Kemo city into the light of day as Drake meets friends and foes alike in deserts and farmlands. A welcome change to black bleak streets of the previous game.

The graphics and action are much the same as the first game, especially considering only a single year has passed. The draw distance once again proves frustratingly short with enemies not appearing until they are on top of you. This gives you very little time to react and dodge their attacks, even if they're coming straight for you.

All that aside Quarantine II: Road Warrior is still a solid game that's all the more remarkable considering its age and ambition. If the first outing to Kemo City left you wanting more then this will most likely satiate your thirst. In many ways, it is just more of the same albeit with a more off-the-wall story, a larger variety of playgrounds and an extra-explosive arsenal to play with! Top-notch.


To download the game, follow the link below. This custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses DOSBox to bring the game to modern systems. Manual, Comic Book and Soundtrack included. Tested on Windows 10.

File Size: 245 Mb.  Install Size: 292 Mb.  Need help? Consult the Collection Chamber FAQ


Quarantine II: Road Warrior is © GameTek Inc
Review by HeroOfAvalon
Cover Design and Installer created by me

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