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You are Drake Edgewater, a 21st Century cab driver desperate to escape from the Quarantined city of KEMO. You drive a modified '52 Checker "hovercab" armed with headlight mounted machine guns, roof cannons, missiles, explosives, flame throwers, buzzsaws, and a Bad Attitude. Rid the streets by any means necessary, of assault vehicles, mutant assassins and slow-moving pedestrians.

It's all in a day's work, here in KEMO.
  • Combines the best elements of demolition derbies, car racing games and first-person shooters!
  • Lightning-fast NEW 3D-graphic engine.
  • Strategic action-driving game!
  • Earn money to purchase weapons and repair your cab!
  • Gigantic playing environment set in a dark, futuristic city! 
~ advertising blurb

Before Grand Theft Auto, before Carmagedden even, there was Quarantine - a hyper-violent vehicular combat game from 1994 with an open world to explore. Mix all of that carnage with proto-Crazy Taxi gameplay and you now have this underrated gem from GameTek.

In a cyberpunk future ravaged by crime and corruption, you try your best to earn money as a taxi driver. The aim is to pick up civilians and take them to their destination, shooting all of the criminals and rivals (or not) while on your way. It can be hard to distinguish between a potential customer and violent gang members when travelling at high speeds, but they do try to get your attention. For starters, if one is nearby, you'll hear a whistle sound effect. Your compass will also start spinning like you've found the north pole. If none of that gets your attention, the character sprite will stand still with its arm in the like he's answering a maths question from teacher.

Effort has been made to give the passengers some kind of personality. They will banter a little when you pick them up and drop them off, but they may also have preferences that could garner huge tips. Some enjoy the sound of the horn. Others want you to cause as many explosions as you can. The most pedantic of them want a quiet smooth journey. If I ever got them, I ejected them out the cab by pressing the E button.

Other than money, one random passenger will helpfully give you the password to take you to the next area of the city. These passwords are quite long, being full sentences complimenting the company overlords or denigrating the people's idea of free will. Kinda like modern-day America. I recommend writing them down when you've found one as they're easy to forget. Your next goal is to find the exit. They're designated by a blue dot on the map and can be a puzzle in itself to find in later levels.

Capitalism still exists in this chaotic city. Your map will also detail the location of repair and weapon shops denoted by green and red dots respectively. They may be heavily signposted when you approach, but the amount of neon-coloured pixels onscreen can easily obscure them amongst the clutter. Thankfully, the map will allow you to select them as your destination making them a little easier to locate.

Once you get into it, Quarantine is an excellent time. It is well ahead of its time coming in just as the media hoo-ha over videogame violence was coming to ahead as well as being the progenitor of many of the mechanics found in those games mentioned in my opening paragraph. A hidden gem if ever I saw one.

To download the game, follow the link below. This custom installer exclusive to The Collection Chamber uses DOSBox to bring the game to modern systems. Manual, Reference Card, Supplement & Soundtrack (separate download) Included. View Codes.pdf to find the results of the copy protection. Tested on Windows 10.
File Size: 154 Mb.  Install Size: 184 Mb.  Need help? Consult the Collection Chamber FAQ


Quarantine is © Imagexcel & GameTek Inc
Review, Cover Design and Installer created by me

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  1. kemo city a nice place to visit.

  2. Cheers, looks interesting! This one totally passed me by when it came out.

  3. Is there a source for the questions it asks before you're allowed to play the game? It constantly refers to obscure answers location in the manual upon bootup.

    1. From the custom menu, click on the codes link. Otherwise, you can find the file in the MAN folder in the install directory.

  4. Thank you so much for doing this! (I put this as a request a while back)
    Plays like a dream! =D

  5. Is there any way to skip the intro?

    1. Yes, but not really. If you open (installdir)\QU1\dosbox.conf in notepad, scroll down to the very bottom and change the following line...

      call QVIDAUD.bat


      call Q.bat

      It will then skip the intro at launch every time. If I'd have thought about it, I would've added it as an option in the custom menu. I'll take it inot account if I ever get around to doing a version 2.

    2. Thanks. That's totally fine that way. :)

  6. Will you release both this and Quarantine II as a collection, like what you've done with the Bethesda Terminator games?

    1. Quarantine II is already on the site, so I won't do a collection. They take a fair amount longer to create so compilations aren't what I lean towards, especially for monthly 5 reviews which are supposed to be quick first impressions or a basc overview.

    2. Quarantine 2 is not in the site

    3. Yes it is! Here it be...


  7. One of the great classics nobody heard of. Still trying to get my hands on the big box for a decent price...

    1. Good luck! Both Quarantines go for around £50, but the second one appears to be more common. At least that's what a quick eBay search tells me. I do have trouble finding big box PC games in the wild. Most charity shops and dedicated game stores don't take them in and retro game markets in the UK at least seem to focus mainly on consoles and Commodores.