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Sunday, 26 July 2015


My work priorities may have seen a reduction of posts of late, but that hasn't stopped me from messing around with DOSBox. I have now got Windows 95 working as perfectly as can be expected inside the powerful emulator, which means many games that are notoriously difficult to get running on modern systems actually work! Read more to see the exciting updates...

The biggest news is that the PC version of Discworld Noir is now fully working. As many retro adventurers know, the only way to get this game working is by creating a virtual hard drive and installing an actual copy of Windows 95 or 98. DOSBox does a similar thing, but instead of partitioning a chunk of your hard drive to run an older OS, DOSBox emulates the process. It is surprisingly successful too! You can now play the full PC release with better graphics and extra animations compared the PlayStation version.

I must tell you some IMPORTANT information if you wish to play this version. To exit the emulator, you must first shut down Windows 95 as you would've done back in the day, then exit the emulator by closing the window or pressing Ctrl-F9 when it says it's OK. Closing before shutting down may result in errors when running it next.

I've updated the original page to include this download. Click here to check it out.

Fury3  Ignition

I've also updated the installers for Fury3 and Ignition to include compressed audio. This drastically reduces the file size without omitting any features. Get them here and here.

That's it for this meager but significant update. My job will take me away for the site for another week or so, but I'll be back with the next installment of my X-Files retrospective and some more exciting gems hidden in the annals of time. Until then have fun and play some games!

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