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Saturday, 12 September 2015



It's been a  while, I know. My day job suddenly decided to kick into overdrive leaving me little time to do much else. It's slowed down a bit now freeing me up for some much needed gaming.

A lot's happened since I've been AWOL. Soldiers of the Damned, the movie I've been involved in has now been released on DVD in the UK, Windows 10 has been released and GOG has managed to gazump me on many of my plans for future inclusions.

Albion, Menzoberranzan and The Elder Scrolls Arena are now available in their excellent catalogue of classics so their download links have now been removed. Those of you with keen investigative skills may have known that Daggerfall was to be one of my next reviews, but that's now changed.

Windows 10 is pretty much a godsend if you were stuck with the crap that was Windows 8. I've not played around with it enough to see if it's better than Windows 7 but it looks promising. In terms of compatibility, I'm very impressed. Most games on this site still work in 10 (though I admit I've not tested them fully). All games that use DOSBox, ScummVM or emulate a console seem to work exactly as before, but a couple that run directly have some problems. See below for what I've found with these games.

ABA Games
Works. No known flaws.
Blade Runner
Works. Run the game with the XP executable and the Windows 7 one causes the game to crash.

Works. No Known flaws.

Doesn't work. Some may have already had conflicts with their graphics card. Windows 10 causes graphical glitches. I'm investigating running it in Windows 98 using DOSBox which may solve the issue for all users.

Rollcage I+II
Works. No known flaws.

Sid Meier's SimGolf
Works. No known flaws.

Works. I noticed some slight graphical glitching which doesn't seem to hinder game-play.

Yoot Tower
Works. No known flaws.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around! I'll have a new game up later today.

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