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Wednesday 8 April 2015


Released in 1991 by Mindscape, D/Generation offers a fun mix of action, adventure and puzzle-solving set in a futuristic skyscraper filled with rogue technology. Who will rescue all of the employees trapped in their deadly workplace? None other than the postman...

The story is somewhat interesting. The building belongs to a large multinational genetic engineering company called Genoq. Their new bio-genetic weapon has escaped and taken over the building. The only thing that can help them is the D/Generation, which the C.E.O. ordered from abroad. Cue our intrepid courier tasked with delivering the package to head office on the 89th floor (don't worry, you start at level 80). Along the way, you decide to go way above your pay grade and rescue everyone. I doubt the postman's union would approve.

The game plays in an isometric style. You have to traverse each level, avoiding the deadly traps and contraptions while rescuing any survivors. You cannot complete the stages unless they are saved as they will often be carrying necessary key cards to help with your progress. You'll also have to safely guide them to the exit indicated by a large red arrow on the floor. These employees can die and whatever bonus they'll give you will be lost if you fail. Unfortunately, they are the dumbest people ever to work in a Fortune 500 company and will often head straight into oncoming danger or get stuck on a corner when following.

There will also be plenty of the rogue bio-genetic weapons named A/Generation to C/Generation. The D/Generation of the title refers to the package you are holding that is the key to dismantling the whole situation. If you come across any of these earlier 'generations', they must be destroyed as well as closing up the air duct they came from.

The controls are simple enough. You may begin to use the keyboard's arrow keys before you realise that it doesn't support walking diagonally. No problem, you can use the number pad where the 1,3,7 & 9 will do this. It is far easier this way. To activate buttons, you just simply walk into them. They are usually indicated by a flashing yellow symbol depending on which wall they are located on. Employees will also follow you as soon as they've seen you, offering a firm handshake and words of gratitude while potentially being in the line of fire.

Once you get the laser gun found where you rescue the second worker, the difficulty ramps up. You can now shoot the various morphing 'generations', but they will re-spawn from the vent if you don't close it first by walking over it.

If I could compare it to another title, it would probably be Chip's Challenge. Both have an easy to learn mechanic with short levels perfect for lunch breaks. Mindscape even re-released the game for Windows when it was released a few years later and it fits nicely next to the Microsoft Entertainment packs.

Overall, it's a great time waster of a game that has an excellent concept and tight level designs. It's definitely not one to miss.

An HD remake of D/Generation is now available to buy on Steam.
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D/Generation is © Mindscape
Review, Cover Design and Installer created by me

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1 comment:

  1. Please consider making this one available again! The "HD" remake is absolutely atrocious and full of bugs(which never will be addressed since the developer abandoned his trainwreck).