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Friday, 6 March 2015


Hello guests, and welcome to the Collection Chamber.

Every day, depending on good behaviour, I will release a game or movie from the vault, posting a review of their freshly reformed status. I will document the theories behind their incarceration, as well as post links on where you can obtain their newly pardoned code. While they will mostly be in the form of a download link, some lucky ex-inmates will have fully reformed, being re-released online through Steam, Amazon or GOG.com.

I don't believe classic games and cinema should be locked up in the vault forever, so I have opened the gates, introducing these entertaining inmates to modern platforms though a customised installation.

I hope you will enjoy their newly found freedom in the modern world, and their relief from obsolescence and obscurity. Please let me know your thoughts about other prisoners that have gotten very few visitation rights and I will see what I can do as we dig deep into the Collection Chamber.

The Biffman


  1. Hey Biffman! You're doing a great job on the site, I enjoy it very much! Keep it up :) I'm planning on visiting the UK in the near future (instead of just transferring there lol), maybe you can give me some tips on where to go and things to see. Have a good day/night and thanks again for the website!

    1. Hello! I'm glad you like the site.

      There's always lots of stuff to do in London when you visit - just bring a brolly! There's usually a trendily themed area on the Southbank with a bar and the odd art exhibition. Its very near to other places like the BFI (British Film Institute), the I-max and the London Eye as well as only a tube away from all of the museums and the Tower of London.

      I hope you have fun when you're over here!