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Saturday 14 March 2015


The Alone in the Dark trilogy were landmark games, often cited as being the first in the Survival Horror genre that Resident Evil popularised a few years later. What you may not know is that a standalone demo was released prior to the first sequel. This demo is the bizarre foray into a demonic toy shop that it Jack in the Dark...

The game began its life as a test for different techniques in designing the backgrounds. Its main purpose was to bend the technology to the artist's whim rather than constrict them to its limitations. It was so successful that it was released as a 'gift' to owners of the first game over Christmas, and later as a free demo to whet the appetite players for the upcoming sequel, Jack is Back.

It introduces us to Grace Saunders, a little girl that would play a significant role in the game to come, who finds her way to a toy shop on Halloween. Dressed as a witch and clutching her broomstick, she enters the store only find that she has been locked in.

If you have played any of the early Resident Evil games, you'll be very comfortable with the tank-like control scheme. Other than the arrow keys the only other key you'd need to know is the Enter key. A jack of all trades button that will allow you to pick up, examine and use items - there is no fighting here. The ESC key will also bring up the main menu.

Being a demo, the game is very short only taking about 15 minutes to complete on first play-through. It does include all of the charm and spooky feel that made the full games so special. This a great little piece of story-telling and puzzle solving that will be pleased to be freed from the Chamber's vaults.

Do you agree? It won't take much of your time to so check it out and see for yourself.

Jack in the Dark is available to buy on GOG as part of the Alone in the Dark Trilogy.

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Jack in the Dark is © Infogrames
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  1. Hi! Great on the site! Just a small note: it seems that JACK IN THE DARK is available on GOG as a bonus for the pack containing the first three ALONE IN THE DARK games: https://www.gog.com/en/game/alone_in_the_dark_the_trilogy_123

    1. Good eye! Jack in the Dark is a glorified demo that's considered freeware, but I'll link to the GOG page anyway. They're too good not to promote.